Before you start your judging…

…this is not a militant message. I repeat, this is not a militant message.

While browsing through Pinterest I found these dope candles that were actually molded from artist/producer Pharelle Williams hand/wrist region (forehand).

Translated it means “enough is enough. Many of us relate to this as being the universal hand signal to “kick rocks”, “take a petrol shot”, or simply “f*ck off”. Depending on the situation, you may be in the right. ” Po-tatoes, pota-toes.

Dave Chapelle’s 2006 DocuFilm “Dave Chapelle’s Block Party” lead us to 1/2 of the controversy hip-hop group, Dead Prez’s M1. It was then that M1 so formally educated us on the true meaning of this gesture that we so fluidly emulate.

Since I can’t find the actual quote or clip, here’s some info via Wikipedia:

¡Ya basta! is a phrase in Spanish roughly approximate to “Enough is enough!” in English. It has been adopted by several Latin American insurgent groups as an expression of affront towards issues that sparked the original dissent. Its adoption by the EZLN in Mexico as the movement’s motto is exemplary of its popularity and ability to rally diverse ideologies under a common goal.

Rapper M-1 of the group Dead Prez endorsed the use of the phrase and the accompanying hand sign in the film Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. Dead Prez further used the sign in the inside cover art of their album RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta.

Now on to the art. The candles were created by the artist at, whose vision lies behind seeing it all and then sharing it. There are several other designs in various colors, including Williams’ trademark StarTrak hand symbol. Check out more by clicking HERE!


[Just PRessed] Oprah’s Secures Exclusive Interview with Bobbi Christina, Scheduled to air March 11


Always enlisted to garner the exclusive, Oprah Winfrey has secured the “mother of all interviews” with the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, sister-in-law and brother – the first interview from the family since Houston’s death on Feb. 11.

With the obvious topics and reflections of Whitney’s life being the crux of this conversation, they also plan to dispel rumors and accusations regarding the icon since her passing. Many claim that there are hope that this will breath life into OWN’s Nielson’s rating, which have been less then stellar since the company’s unveiling in Jan. 2011.

One can only pray that Bobbi Christina has sought the proper channels and guidance for grieving properly over her loss. Both Hollywood and the entertainment industry have piss poor reputation for throwing the peace sign to the families of those they’ve so willingly exploited (ex. Maya Campbell). I won;t pretend to understand her pain and suffering at this time. I can only pray that she truly has knowledge of God and falls HEAD FIRST into her faith and will to live.

The interview will air March 11 on OWN, Winfrey’s cable network, as part of the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” series. The time has yet to be disclosed.

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[REELS] @teedramoses + @wale release official reel for “Another LuvR”

BIBLE: I was JUST thinking of @TeedraMoses and listening to every single last one of her EP’s on my ride back to the Panhandle this weekend.

I can never say enough great things about her. Phenomenal artist. Progressively consistent with her music.

Depending on what kind of fan you are of Ms. Moses, this can serve as either the 2nd or 3rd single off her “Luxurious underGRIND” project release shortly after her merger with MMG. The single “Another LuvR” features a hot 16 from MMG labelmate @Wale and if you are true connoisseur of hip-hop, you will automatically recognize and appreciate the sample from ATCQ’s “Excursion” from the Low End Theory album.

The resident historian/nerd in me had to let you know that.

Peep the reel. If you like what you hear afterwards, click the cover art in the side column to download the album!


Teedra Moses:  Twitter   |    Website   |    Facebook   |    YouTube   |   Myspace

[iSUPPORT] – Introducing @Rimidi + “Find Your Rimidi” EP was created as a direct response to the obvious lack of exposure and press for up-and-coming, independent or underground artists, businesses, brands, etc. Our main focus is to shine the appropriate light on artist who have been consistent with their work ethic and have made a “name” for themselves despite the slight from not being a mainstream artist.

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[NEW POST] – Death of the Diva + “Technicolor Lover” Album Intro

Amanda Seales (formally known as Amanda Diva) has been on a constant incline since her first and reoccurring appearances on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam over a decade ago. Encompassing the talents of a writer, comedian, poet, musician, host, DJ and artist, Amanda has wittingly presented us with yet another dynamic to her burgeoning platform: Burying her  long-time moniker “Diva” and opting to use her legal name, Seales.

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Has FEAR Put Your Goals in a Full Nelson?

The mind is one of the the most amazingly complex organs that will never fully be explainable. Some things you just can’t solve with logic and history. Some things require no thought. Some things just are.

Fortunately for us we have the option, hundreds of thousands of times a day, to change, re-direct or recreate another option for our reality. It’s unfortunate that many dwell in limbo between reality and imagination, being present in life but not TRULY living.

Fear is just that. Not living. Dwelling. Moping. Blaming. Thinking. Considering. Fear leads to little or no action, only to confirm later that it was simply all in your head.

There are times when you need to add tons of caption to posts and there are times where posts simple speak for themselves. I’m hopeful that the message in this video not only reaches you but teaches you.

“People may be just socially accepting levels of insanity.”


Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

PUSH Spotlight: @FatBoyRhymer on how “Staying True to Your Passion Brings You Success”

Following the path that has been laid out for him, DJ Rhymer has fully embraced his calling as an emcee. He is a young entrepreneur, an independent artist, and a fearless spirit. Considered a package deal, he performs, hosts, promotes, dee jays and produces his own events. Walking in his love for music, he is passionate about satisfying his listeners and fans. Despite a strong following and an impressive track record, he is most excited about his EP that will be available on iTunes in February. Enjoy the success story of someone who is not afraid to pursue his dream and make the sacrifices that accompany the journey.
[Fat Boy Rhymer being interivewed by Suzzette Turnbull. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images]

DJ Rhymer has been dee jaying since the age of 12 in Carol City (183rd Street). He grew up going to an underground radio station every day after school. At home, he would practice everything he saw. Learning by watching, a dee jay was born. For many years, he has kept the dance floor jumping, has been spinning hard at parties, and has become ‘the voice’ that people like to hear. Being true to his trademark of learning by watching, he understood what people liked and what they wanted. It was a natural progression for him to evolve into emcee Fat Boy Rhymer making his own party music.

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