March 4, 2021

In a recent interview with, Terius Nash (better known to us as The Dream) diffuses the rumors that his new boo-cake Christina Milian IS NOT screwing for a single and straightens fellow ATLiens “The Oceans 5” about their comments about her new choice in hair and fashion.

The Dream’s sophomore album, Love/Hate dropped yesterday and during an appearance on BET’s 106&Park he introduced his new chick click, Electric Red.

Hate if you like but Terius is rightfully earning his name as “Radio Killa”, burning up the charts with hit after infectious hit. Although we have not seen nor hear even a psalm or hymn from Ms. Milian in a spell, this new collaboration with The Dream may be a good move. Lawd knows she was getting no where with Dre (of Cool-N-Dre) You can clown the couple all you like but they are laughing right with you…straight to the bank!

A lot of folks have called your debut album, Love/Hate a classic.
Dream: I made two modern day classics.

Oh, really? So what’s the overall theme this time around?
Well, Love/Hate was the first album and it was just about where I was coming from. How I just got a certain type of recognition. And I knew there would be a certain kind of hate I was going to receive for being in that particular position because I seen it happen to others. This one, Love vs. Money is about what I got now. It’s about me and what I do it for. It’s a question I ask myself and a question I pose to everybody else. Do you do it for the love? Do you do relationships for the love? Is it about the money I have? When I do my job—writing songs, is it about love or is that about money? So that’s what it is. It’s exactly what the title says.

But in these trying times, shouldn’t people do things with money in mind?

Not really. I think love always brings us through. No matter how much money you got. You haven’t loved somebody in a time like this in order to receive stuff. It’s not just going to come to you based off “Ah I got money.” You can lose money you can never really lose love if you got it.

Speaking of which, you lost a lot of weight. How’d you do it?
I only loss about 20 pounds. Just keep having sex three hours at a time.

To read the rest of the interview, cupid shuffle your clicker HERE.

Get your fix of the new Electric Red flick below.  En Vogue 2.o or screw up?


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