March 4, 2021

“Tha Possibilities” features on PRess Junkie!

MB NudesBeauty needs no explanation. This world is changing each day. With a radiantly gorgeous black president, first family in office and a new America on the up and up it’s most refreshing to find a brotha who dedicates his free time to uplifting black people. Specifically beautiful, diverse black women.

Let me introduce you to the answer. The man behind the movement: Tha Possibilities!

I was introduced to T a few years ago when I tried my hand in the “modeling” world. Although I decided to take a hiatus, he continued in his efforts to promote, encourage, educate and uplift others on the beauty and appreciation of black women. Through various social networks, T has devoted endless hours, posts, photo albums, videos, blogs and comment submissions to recognizing and spotlighting a large variety of vivacious and tantalizing brown sistas.

As a black woman myself, I can appreciate a man that takes his time to stregthen and uplift me. DAILY he takes the time to send motivation and positivety to keep the momentum going throughout the week.

You may think “why does this matter to me?” Simply put, I’m tired of the division and separation that lies between women (specifically women of color). Before we even meet each other, we bring prejudice and ill will into the picture before even finding out each other’s name. Black women have become such a powerful force in this world and history and there is no reason that we should be so damn catty and vindictive.

So through my blog T and I will continuously support, spotlight and showcase beautiful black women of our past and future. I’m no hater. If you are doing your thing, I have no problems giving you props. If you have anyone that you thinks need a little extra shine send me an email to


Show T some love!


-The Press PUSHA