February 24, 2021

This Bitch I Know…

Should have posted this A LONG TIME AGO for all of my industry family, folk tryin’ to step into the industry and those beaten, dragged and tapped out by it.

This poem really needs no explanation. Just read and I PROMISE you will relate at the end.

See, Theres this bitch I know
At First she’ll pose as a friend then quickly switch to foe

Everyone has spoke of her
Every nigga in the hood got dreams of getting close to her

She lures you in by claiming to love everything about you
But underneath she’s just trying to get what she can up out you

She promises good fortune if you mess with her
Like take you to the top but you’ll still be second best to her

I pray that god blesses her
And all of those next to her

I often heard of her before our introduction
I figured I’d get to know her before I make a wrong assumption

She captured me, No homo this bitch was bad
Ive never known anyone to posses so much swag

She’s lives in LA and even NY
But Atlanta GA is where she mainly resides

I knew I couldn’t be as close to her as I could in the A
So I dropped out of school, packed my shit and was on my way

Having friends and family close was soon a closed chapter
I sacraficied it all over this dirty bitch I was after

I resigned from my 9 to 5 to be with her full time
Even though the compensation wasn’t worth my time

The way people looked up to her was crazy
She had niggas actin like groupie ass ladies

I started to see what I was told before
She was far from what she claimed to be at the door

Ive never seen someone sell their soul just to get close to a bitch
I mean, I sacrificed a lot but would never go that far with this shit

But again, we as black people dream of good fortune
So if she’s our only way to it, who wouldn’t be for it?

Shit, she got some of us pushin Phantoms and flying G5’s
Things our parents, and their parents salaries combined couldn’t buy

I swear, I think this bitch is a product of the gov’t
She changes us for the worse and got the white people lovin’ it

In the midst of all this we forget what its all about
That one priceless thing that we could never do with out

That thing that makes us feel good, better than any drug
That thing that people like Common, Talib and Pac Spoke of

Its not The material shit or the Flashin and the Clubbin
Hip Hop Music, That’s the substance

So if you want to be friends with this bitch, Give it some more thought
Don’t lose yourself cuz its easy to get caught

The Music Business is a Bitch…..

Kudos to the homie ACE for the “soul food!”