December 3, 2020

The KnightCap: Jive/N.A.R.S Records’ Kevin “KC” Cossom


Make no mistake, Philadelphia-born (but Orlando, Florida-bred) songwriter/singer Kevin “KC” Cossom has made a lasting impression already on many of you…and you may not even know it.

Having penned hits such as Rick Ross’ “Speedin'”, Ace Hood’s “Cash Flow” and Young Jeezy’s “Go Getta”, KC is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the music industry.

Now sangin’ (no typo) his own hits under his new label family Jive/N.A.R.S Records, Kevin sat down with me to discuss his EP “The Pre-Album”, why it’s harder to break music in Florida and how change is still prevalent for artists both inside and outside the booth.

TK:     A lot of people label Florida as a hard state to break talent. You’re from Orlando, right?

KC: Yes, I was raised here.

TK:     What do you think the issue is? What’s your take on it?

KC: I feel like there are not too many people that have really made it out. If you look at the whole state we got a few people that have actually made it. There are no labels here or anyone to give your music to in Florida. I think we definitely need to build more studios so we can have more people coming down here to record. That flow of people, the artists and different producers coming in and out, sparks a little wave or new energy to the state.

TK:     How were you introduced to music and the entertainment industry?

KC: Grew up in the church. My mom was the head of the youth department. She always had me singing. My first solo was when I was three. She had me in a play. After that she said “wow, you can sing a little bit.” Around 14 and 15 is when I started to take it seriously. I got to 18 and I met my current manager, Rashad Tyler, and he helped me take it to the next level. The first thing I got placed was on Lloyd Banks’ album. A song called “Karma.” After we got that down, he took me to a level I had never been. In all my year of trying to do it, he did it in a year. It was a great decision for me and him. And producer Danja has also been very instrumental in my procession as an artist.

TK:     Let’s jump right into the album. Tell me who’s on it, title, release date?

KC: Okay, we don’t have a current release date right now but we are shooting for August or late summer for the release. What I do have is the pre-album that’s out right now. It’s an EP. Basically, it’s like an intro or prelude to what the real album is going to be like. It’s definitely going to be dope! The best thing about the pre-album is that it is free. You can go to my myspace page ( and download it right now.

TK: Change is on the menu for the New Year. What do you think that this upcoming generation of artist and entertainer’s should embrace?

KC: We need to embrace the fact that it’s music. It’s just music (laughing). We put too many boundaries and rules on it. At the end of the day it is an art form. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

TK: Any last words for the SR readers or your fans?

KC: Lots of emphasis on the myspace page. Go download “The Pre-Album.” I mean, it’s free and it’s dope! Shout outs to Rashad Tyler, Danja, Sam Taylor, my engineer AB, Ms. Lago, you for giving me this opportunity, Jive Records and my PR firm, MVD, Inc.!

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