The KnightCap: Core DJ Retreat X (Atlanta, GA)

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I know that this re-cap is WAY OVER DUE but I have to give you all the skinny on the Core DJ’s Retreat X that took place April 24-27 in Atlanta. First all, big ups to those that worked behind the scenes for the event that weekend. People rarely give shine to those that actually
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I have been so selfish y’all… I have watched every one of the latest episodes of Diva Diva Yall and DivaSpeak TV and didn’t even share them…won’t happen again. Scouts honor. PEEP BE-LOW! DivaSpeak TV: Episode 49 [youtube=] DivaSpeak TV: Episode 50 (Season Finale) [youtube=] Diva Diva Yall: Episodes 5-10 [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]
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