January 16, 2021

Sometimes you just have to…

Back of the Fro

…turn your back to the phone calls, the emails, the blackberry AND the iPhone, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

…ignore the calls from the client(s), the boo, the sidepiece, the landlord, your homegirl, your boss or your parents.

Me, of all people, will tell you to chase that paper something quick, but life is so short and too sweet to just let it run by. Take care of yourselves folks. My minorities a.k.a coloured folk, please get regular check ups and dentist appointments. Chant, meditate, puff herb, bone, blog. Make sure you are pleasing your star player…cause without you, the show doesn’t go on!

I apologize to those who missed me…

Sometimes you just have to…

Take it light,

Tuesday Knight