NEW MUSIC! Tanza – Daddy Song

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For someone who was raised in a single parent household, I can DEFINITELY relate to this song. Here is what Tanza has to say about her inspiration behind the song: “Sometimes I wonder why God has kept the man who loves me most in this world out of my life. Due to circumstances in life
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For weeks I have been trying to find the words to explain my feelings on Chris Brown and his “apology”. Cousin Sassy made it EASY, BREEZY, BEAUTIFUL for me to keep my silence and, once again, not CLICK on these in-duh-stry characters. I digress. Just peep below! [youtube=] -Tuesday Knight

“I am a dope emcee that is out to tell a story, and hopefully elevate others to a higher level based on my experiences. I’m not a thug… I am not a goon… I am an true to heart Hip-Hop artist”. – Mr. Al. Pete On a hot and sunny Sunday in Jacksonville, FL a
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[youtube=] Soul songstress RIMIDI participated in a freestyle session alongside George Tandy, Jr. recently at Inner Look Miami. Starting next month, Rimidi and fellow songwirter/artist/producer Moonshyne Brown will be hitting the studio to work on her first album (that’s not yet titled). For more information on Rimidi and notices on upcoming shows and projects, log
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