February 24, 2021

Mr. Al Pete

“I am a dope emcee that is out to tell a story, and hopefully elevate others to a higher level based on my experiences. I’m not a thug… I am not a goon… I am an true to heart Hip-Hop artist”. – Mr. Al. Pete

On a hot and sunny Sunday in Jacksonville, FL a intimate meeting of the minds took place at the Artist Boot Camp 2 Education Seminar. Host David L. Robinson (www.twitter.com/fromduval) invited DJ Big Bodie (www.twitter.com.bigbodie), Terri Sherman (www.twitter.com/terrishrmn), Tango Mega (www.twitter.com/tangomega) and myself (www.twitter.com/TuesdayKnight) to speak to independent artists about the fundamentals of building your career (special shouts out to moderator & radio personality\ Chanel Tillman (www.twitter.com/dahostess) as well).

But little did I know that I would stumble across some PURE DOPE-NESS! As we were leaving the panel I heard a smooth Dwele-ish type track and learned that it was created by Jacksonville’s own Emcee, Mr. Al Pete. I’ve heard/known about him since I’ve come on the scene but this industry can be a small world and worlds apart all at the same time.

Mr. Al Pete - Talk About ItLong story short, Al Pete placed his latest album Talk About It in my possession and needless to say, I haven’t been able to step away from it yet. If you don’t do anything else today, stop by his myspace page and go cop the album. It’s so refreshing and is real hip-hop at it’s finest. You won’t be sorry and as usual, tell him I sent you!

Mr. Al Pete’s Biography

In this day and age, true to heart Hip-Hop artists are far and few between, and Mr. Al Pete is definitely one of those artists. One part Emcee, one part DJ, and one part Musical Entrepreneur, makes up just some of the ingredients in the recipe for this hip-hop elitist in Jacksonville, FL.

Entering into the world of writing rhymes at the young age of 9, Al Pete has been perfecting his craft for some time now. Once he began his journey into adulthood, Al Pete decided to make moves towards his goal of being one of the top entertainers in Hip-Hop. One of his initial steps involved coming together with his long time friend and musical peer Shirl Dee Capital, to create GrownFolk Entertainment in 2004. Providing an umbrella for many different entertainment aspects of Shirl Dee and Al Pete, GrownFolk was just the beginning of many avenues to come.

In 2005 under the advisory of his Uncle, role model, and mentor Tru.ski, Al Pete decided to take his love for the genre, and enjoyment of creating musical sets for friends and family, to another level by learning the art of turntablism which is housed under the G.F.E. label as well. Al Pete began spinning for parties, poetry events, social gatherings, venues, and fashion shows. Along with all of this Al Pete was still working diligently to keep his own music flowing and to keep up with performances in and out of town.

In the spring of 2006, Al Pete and Shirl Dee decided to put together the first mixtape to come from GrownFolk Entertainment; “Exhibit A” which received an overwhelming response from the masses. That year momentum kept pushing forward, and in the winter of 2006 Al Pete joined alongside with The Elevated Hip-Hop Experience for a special live recorded album. Drive still pushing on in 2007, the spring brought another compilation album release “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” which included two of Al Pete’s close companions and fellow artists Tough Junkie and Picasso.

Al Pete continues moving at full force with performances, features on various Hip-Hop albums, and mixtapes, and still offers DJ services with events such as Nokturnal Escape and Fashion Forward Inc. On February 10th 2009, Al Pete released his debut album “Talk About It”, which includes his popular singles “Somethin’ More”, “All is Good” and “The Truth”. Creating videos for “All Is Good” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmWfKjQFZOE  and “The Truth” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz7HdHH_fto  has only continued to keep the buzz for the album going. Receiving 4 out of 5 with Reax Magazine’s review and also a write up in Jacksonville’s own Folio Weekly. Currently Mr. Al Pete has began spreading through out the region with shows planned in various cities in Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi for the middle of 2009. Continuing on his path to greatness, nothing will dull Mr. Al Pete’s shine.

Click HERE to view Mr. Al Pete’s EPK & HERE for his myspace page!

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