January 16, 2021


For someone who was raised in a single parent household, I can DEFINITELY relate to this song. Here is what Tanza has to say about her inspiration behind the song:

“Sometimes I wonder why God has kept the man who loves me most in this world out of my life. Due to circumstances in life my father has always been away. Only a few times in my life he was there but in those few years he implanted love in me for a life time. Even in my father’s absence I never felt like a fatherless child. Never felt like my mother was a single women. I always could feel him with me. Only until recently I realized all the things it could have been, all the times I missed him, and wanted him to be there. But what hurts the most is knowing he wants to be there and cant. Daddy one day soon we will sit and eat together and I will look into your eyes and tell you how much I missed you and love you. I will lay in your chest and hear your heart beat the same blood that beats through mine…..Love is Love.”

As I’ve grown older and realized the importance of the male figure in my life, I’ve tried NOT to become bitter and naive about why my father chose to be absent. It’s just good to know that other women feel the same and instead of allowing the absence to affect their future, they’ve embraced it for what it is and have chosen love over hate. DEEP.


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