February 28, 2021

Stand UpReal spit, life is a trip.

If you know me, have heard of me, follow me on twitter,,  etc. then you know that I am WHAT…(in unison) “Down with the brown, my ladies and I’m a diabetic so I don’t sugar coat sh*t”. Overall, I’m a normal chick. I’m content 80% of the time and that other 20% is normally when Aunt Flow comes to visit (and for that, I get a pass).

I woke up this morning (late, might I add) with a mind set to handle a milli and one tasks and was determined to check off every last one. As the day progressed, nothing that I had planned to do was getting done. It changed my mood because I felt like I wasn’t PUSHING myself enough to stay focused. I say all this to say that not only does “sh*t happen” but “life happens”. And not everything is going to go according to “our” plan. Sometimes we get so hungry, anxious and impatient we overwork and stretch ourselves too thin. Sometimes it’s okay to use patient and just allow life to direct the way. TRUST that that is not a lesson I learned overnight, lol.

Ultimately with a bowed head, I just told Him that I was on His time. And really meant it.

I’m back on 10. Powered up. But I say all of that to say this to the devil: Nice try…you had me shaken…but not stirred!


My peeps, take it light…

Tuesday Knight