January 16, 2021

Hot off the PResses!!! Amanda Diva ft. Johnny Polygon – NEON


Directed by Lyn-don McCray & Produced by Amanda Diva

IT’S HERE! The video for “Neon” featuring Johnny Polygon is the first single off of Amanda Diva’s album “Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul.” Now, it’s know that here on the PRess Junkie we fux with Diva Diva 100% so the fierceness displayed in this video makes me nothing less than ecstatic! I love the entire concept with the bright graphics and the underlying ode to “In Living Color”. We can always count on Amanda to keep it retro and funky! Check out the video plus more below and please stop by her twitter page and give a big thumbs up!

And as always, don’t forget to tell her who sent you!

-Tuesday Knight