February 25, 2021

PRess[ure] Points: Tips for effective comunication within social networks

PRess[ure] Points: Communication

PR points and tips to help aspiring businesses, brands & entertainers.

The basic definition if communication is:

The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs. Simply put, this is the ability and process of transferring information from one party to the next.

It’s becoming more and more harder to ensure EFFECTIVE communication through social networking sites with the constant evolution of technology. Social networking sites such as FaceBook, Myspace, Twitter, BlackPlanet and YouTube offer new methods of communication for artists, publicists, marketing reps, etc. The days of hunting down a contact to a particular publication or pitching your product, song or idea to a particular media outlet has a very thin and approachable line.

As someone who equally receives and sends out numerous pitches on a daily basis, let these few tips below stand as some guidelines of proper social networking communication etiquette (mouth full):

  • Try to refrain from using “ALL CAPS” when corresponding or dialoguing with someone via a social networking site. You may think that you are being different or making it easier for someone to read but depending on what you send your “tone” can come off as aggressive, bold and intimidating. Just know that unless you mean to yell, writing, emailing, tweeting or texting in ALL CAPS sets a tone for your message.
  • Stop being lazy and change your approach! Honestly, there are few A&R’s, music editors, producers or DJ’s that necessarily look forward to hearing your music…depending on your approach! If you have included “Please listen to my music” or “This is the newest hottest single in the clubs/streets/online/etc” then let it speak for itself. These pitches are aggravating, outdated and just plain LAZY! Just give us a good introduction and pitch, contact information and a lasting impression through your music.
  • CEASE THE SPAMMING! The 2nd most annoying thing after demanding someone listen to your music is repeatedly emailing, posting, tweeting, commenting and texting them about it! A few posts every so often to inform us about new music, press and upcoming shows is feasible but to wake up with 30 emails, posts or tweets that all say “LISTEN TO MY SH*T” is not highly smiled upon. EPIC FAIL!
  • Social networking are not necessarily an alternative to basic methods of communication (phone calls, face-to-face meetings and personal interactions). What is the point of tweeting someone to tell them that you are going to call them in 20 minutes if you have that persons direct contact? Just eliminate the middle step and call! This may just be a personal pet peeve of mine own (call me old school if you will) but posting a FB status on my wall stating you will text me some juicy news in 30 is just reaching! Like @crideho said “Call my phone, real n*ggas don’t text!”

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