Junkie Jams: Tanza – Getting over you

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Queens, this one is for you! Get some! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izhk4WVlJiQ] Link up with Tanza: www.myspace.com/tanza850 www.twitter.com/tanzasmusic

I truly do believe that the “blogging game” has become extremely concentrated with repetition and stuffed with malicious and unnecessary commentary/opinions about celebrities, public figures and any other victim whom they can target. I made my intentions and motives for the creation of this site more than evident from the jump. Just in case you
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Much love and respect goes out to DJ Fusion and Jon Judah over at www.BlackRadioisBack.com! Here are the links for the broadcasts that I missed over the last few weeks! Get your fix! FuseBox Radio Broadcast – September 9, 2009 Fusebox Radio Broadcast – September 2, 2009 FuseBox Radio Broadcast – August 26, 2009 FuseBox
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Okay, okay…. I know that I have been MIA for a while but I promise that my absence was not in vein. I could sit here and give this extensive run-down of all the tasks I have been knocking out but to be honest, I’ve just been living life. That includes the good, the bad
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