February 24, 2021

Hot off the PResses: Russell Simmons – “My Girls are OFF limits!”

Russell and Djimon

I truly do believe that the “blogging game” has become extremely concentrated with repetition and stuffed with malicious and unnecessary commentary/opinions about celebrities, public figures and any other victim whom they can target. I made my intentions and motives for the creation of this site more than evident from the jump. Just in case you haven’t been rockin’ with me from the beginning:

I rep Obama.

I speak before I think, therefore, some call me blunt. I dig those too.

I’m a soul music junkie and I rock a natural. Passion = Music = Eating.

I believe in God and I can make the best macaroni and cheese east of the Mississippi.

Publicity, writing and events is how I make a living.

Although they piss me off sometimes, I love my beautiful black men.

I only support and report real news and sh*t that pertains to what’s going on around me & mu ppl.

Sex, money, relationships, fashion, obamatics, music, life, race…no subject is too touchy.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. Stop saying that people.

Gotta question? Ask.

Gotta comment? Speak.

Gotta problem? Leave.


The PRess Junkie

(from my original post “Let’s start this thing off right…!”)

Now we all know that if people feel free to talk about Jesus, then Russell Simmon’s wouldn’t get a pass. It’s sad that people have to drum up falsities and bogus assumptions about the relationship between Russell’s daughters’  dad and step-father, actor Djimou Hounsou.

via Global Grind:

This week I have been in the gossip columns a lot…for throwing a diva fit at a Charlotte Ronson show (which may have been a bit over stated, but to be above it I sent flowers anyway, which Kevin Leong (my main designer) thought I was crazy to do ,since he was there and saw first that I “didn’t do sh*t outta line.” Then I was called out for being at a Diane Von Furstenberg show in “full make up.” Okay, that one made me laugh, since I never even went there, but I love Diane and I’m sorry I missed it! LOL.

And then came the blurb in the NY Post that dug a hole. The Post managed to do what the others didn’t…they got under my skin, found a raw nerve, hit it and actually hurt me. They reported that my beautiful daughters, after their mother’s fashion show, “went straight up to Djimon Hounsou and gave him a hug, bypassing biological dad Russell.” I’m sorry but targeting my family, my kids who I love so very much and trying to suggest there is some underlying jealousy, favoritism or lack of love between my kids and I or any of that is low and extra dirty.

Djimon is a great father and step-father for my kids. And I try to be a good father that’s the reality. The NY Post tried to take an arrow to my heart and hit me where any father would feel the most pain, and at least for a moment, they succeeded. Sorry to tell the Post and the other sites that picked up this story, that there is NO story here to tell. My girls went and hugged and kissed both Djimon and myself, cris-crossing us equally at the same time. He and I are family. I even tell my lovely daughters they are lucky to have two fathers. It saddens me to know that so many people are comfortable making a living by selling pain.

It makes me understand how young celebrities get so depressed that they turn to drugs and other self destructive ways to dull their pain, when they read such trash talk about themselves at a time when they haven’t yet learned the tools that would allow these words to slide off their backs. To them, I say first try to meditate and become good at letting things go. And if it doesn’t work, as it didn’t quite work for me on this one, I invite them to use Global Grind as a place to let it out so that they can be free of it and clear up the air I set up GG for this purpose and it seems to be working. It’s fast becoming a safer and stronger place everyday for celebs to do just that. I realize that sometimes people need to get things off of their chests, lies that creep into their meditation and won’t be quieted until they are corrected. I guess that’s why I’m writing this blog today.

I totally agree with what Russell says. Some people are so miserable and unhappy with their lives that they prey on others for pleasure. I don’t judge so if that’s how you make your hustle, do you. It’s you that has to explain all of this to the Maker, not I.

Russell, Kimora, and Djimon display an awesome example of what our culture needs to embrace. With so many single parents and baby mama/daddy drama, we should be looking at the depth of this family. Although Russell and Kimora chose to divorce, Russell has remained the BIGGEST FAN of his ex-wife/daughters’ mother. They break bread together, rear 2 beautiful girls together and respect for each other sparkles from them both. They have all openly embraced their blended family and have used it as catalyst of love and support for each other. MANY OF YOU, both male and especially female, CAN LEARN FROM THIS!

This site is based on the values of credibility, honest, professionalism and positivity and although I may use examples of celebrities and public figures careers’ to highlight actions and trends in the world of publicity, in no way do I or will I defame anyone’s character or step out my honor code. I’m just saying…

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