March 4, 2021

Junkie Flicks: Goodie Mob – “Beautiful Skin”


Good morning my loyal Junkies! This morning, I wanted to do something for you all! God has been making SERIOUS moves in my life and there is no better reward for it than to pass on my inspiration to others. This is for all of my ladies in Twitterland that hold me down and keep it funky on the positive tip!

Not often enough do we uplift and celebrate each other so this is my opportunity to do so. Whether you are working for someone and you feel overworked and underpaid, can’t catch a break, bills got you down, feeling lousy or are just plain FED UP, from me to you….HANG IN THERE! Below I have listed some of my followers that always hold me down and keep my energy on high! Shout them out on twitter & follow them! Understand that your network IS your net worth…and I feel RICH B*TCH!


































And of course ME! @tuesdayknight! There are so many others so don’t stone me if I forgot you! Happy Thursday folks!

Take it light,

Tuesday Knight