Junkie Flicks: FAMU Marching 100 @ The Atlanta Classic

Junkie Flicks: FAMU Marching 100 @ The Atlanta Classic

I don’t hate on any of the “other” HBCU’s because there is no need to. FAMU is and will always be the #1 HBCU in the nation. Not because we house the BADDEST BAND IN THE LAND or because we have won numerous awards and accolades for our Journalism, Nursing, Engineering, Pharmacy and Business programs, but because we ALWAYS deliver quality to the masses! This weekend, I had never been more proud to be a alumnae of THE Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University! Not only did the band show up and show out but WE OUTDID that “other band” with our remarkable tribute to the late Michael Joseph Jackson. Peep the evidence of greatness BE-LOW.

And just know, we are OFTEN imitated but NEVER duplicated! Rattler’s STAND UP & STRIKE, STRIKE and STRIKE AGAIN!





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