February 25, 2021

Fire Your Publicist: Kayne West & His Chicken Finger Fit

Kayne & Hen*grabs mic*

Kayne West needs to take a break. Besides the fact that I truly think he needs to allow himself to grieve from his mothers’ passing and just halt with the “robocop work syndrome”, there is just no excuse for his attitude and wreckless banter. Understand that I am the BIGGEST ‘Ye fan and some of my closest friends are apart of the G.O.O.D. Music family so I say this with respect and admiration, but when is enough enough?

No longer do I believe his antics have anything to do with press or publicity. But this foolishness here is just another chapter of the Kayne Kronicles…SMH.

Via Janetcharltonshollywood.com

Kanye West made a fool of himself again Saturday night at Common’s benefit concert at The Palladium in Hollywood. Here’s the story: Kanye arrived minutes before he was set to go onstage as the last act of a star-studded charity show. Besides Common, Nas, Ludacris, Mos Def , De La Soul, Heavy D, Queen Latifah, and other acts had delighted the crowd. They were all relaxing in the green room when Kanye walked in and noticed a guy eating chicken. He took offense and blurted petulantly “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? It’s NOT FAIR– you want me to perform for free – everyone is eating – WHY AM I NOT EATING!” A waiter apologized and pointed out “You didn’t ask for chicken!” Well, I’m ASKING NOW!! Other celebrities watched Kanye’s loud chicken tantrum in total shock. His girlfriend Amber Rose just stepped back and let him rant. The waiter rushed him a plate of chicken and Kanye literally took ONE bite and dumped it before he grabbed the mic and went onstage, leaving everyone shaking their heads.

First off, MAJOR SIDE EYE at Amber Rose. Mama if you have never looked like a J.O. (jump off) before, you do now. Don’t get it twisted, I LOVE ME SOME ROSE! But to allow your man to run off at the mouth and take a backseat to his antics shows 1) you know your place as J.O. and know not to step out of line and 2) you can’t possibly be a REAL chick to let him embarrass you like that. You both have images to uphold and unfortunately the “ho steez” you fought so hard to delete is looking real suspect. I vouched for ‘Ye in many situations but like my mama says “having money don’t give you no reason to act a d*mn fool!”

*drops mic*