January 16, 2021

For the Record: What exactly is “good hair”?

Like Solange I decided (no pun intended) to take the “big chop” (or the “BC” as they refer to it in natural hair world) and went au natural. The motives behind my decision was mainly about the amount of money I was spending each month on products, styling and the time it took to get my hair done. Society creates so many stigmas against beauty and appearance and I really prided myself on how “laid” my wrap always was.

Truth is, the rebel in me just wanted to take that chance and rid myself of all the financial, physical and psychological constraints that I allow society to put on me. It’s been almost three years since I’ve had a relaxer and although the first year was brutal. I literally used to walk past the perm aisle and start shaking. It takes a different type of person to go natural and bear the brunt of the world an their cruel opinions.

Spiritually, I feel as though it has brought me closer to myself. I was forced to look at the “man in the mirror” and face my flaws and strengths, and that is truly humbling.

Physically, I felt better because of the lack of toxins that I was exposing my body to every 6 weeks.

Psychologically, I am more aware of who I am and am no longer am concerned of the stares, gawks or lame remarks from other folk who can’t cope.

Chris Rock’s new film “Good Hair” is a breath of fresh of for me. I have no issues with folk who still use perms or other chemicals on their hair. I just know that if they were properly informed & educated it would feel a certain kind of way. Thoughts? Opinions? Discuss.

Peep clips of Solange & Chris Rock and the Good Hair trailer below: