January 16, 2021

It’s The Inside That Counts…literally.

Hoax or Not: What we all could learn from Jackie Braxton

Aspiring internet porn star, Jackie Braxton, created a small natural disaster this past week after releasing a viral death note to over 500 men in the Detroit area. In little over ten minutes Braxton revealed that she was infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, amongst other sexually transmitted diseases including Syphilis and Herpes.


Wondering how she garnered so much attention for the video?

Yes, you guessed it. Gossip portal and often non-reliable blog site MediaTakeOut.com released the video Wednesday morning and to this date has gained over 650,000 views and over 1,000 viewer comments.

The story then piqued interest with The Detroit News while police sought out to apprehend Braxton for testing.

Sidebar: Although she complied to the testing, if Braxton is tested and indeed DOES have the virus, she can face multiple counts of attempted murder-like charges.

Braxton was tested and the results came back negative. She was later asked in an interview with Oralandar Brand-Williams of The Detroit News what her motive was for creating such a chilling and devastating video announcement and her response was:

“Well, so the people could start paying more attention to the AIDS virus itself…”

…and goes on to say…

“…there were so many people at the Health Department getting tested today…it was great!”

It would be bad reporting if I didn’t mention the continuous flashing/shameless promotion of her pay-for-access, adult porn website, www.famezworld.com, throughout the entire video. Classic.

In all reality, you have to give it up for Braxton. Although her sincerity and motives are both questionable in her interview with The Detroit News, her marketing and delivery of not one, but two messages was perfectly executed.

She single-handedly boosted her site views by the thousands. In the video, she opens by saying “I have to tell you guys before I get too famous…” It doesn’t take much to know who have the most visited gossip sites on the net and who are the most gullible when it comes to scoops and outlandish stories. And with the way that people flock to gossip and un-verified news sites these days, you can consider that mission accomplished.

She raised awareness about the AIDS virus and our stupidity and carelessness when it comes to casual sex and our vainness of how we view a potential mate/the opposite sex. There were so many hidden context clues about the varying personalities and behavior of men and women and how these behaviors can always welcome STD’s such as HPV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia if you don’t use protection.

Millions of our Haiti brothers and sisters have been fighting for their lives and freedoms for decades, and continue to fight that same fight at this very moment. Jewelry, cars, clothes and hoes are or minimal importance to them. They value family, honor values, seek pride in each other and use their many oppositions as stepping stones to glory. We value things. Things that have no value and are intangible. We honor celebrities and rappers who exhibit random acts of fuckery and athletes and dead people who were living drug addicts. We take pride in very little, mainly because we take no pride in the value of life and others around us.

Many will look at the video and see the cruel and malicious intention to inflict harm and publicly humiliate the lives of others. Many may not care about anything in the video or anything I’ve written here. Those are the pride less folk I was speaking of earlier. Then there are those of you that see that this is a wake up call. Not only for men but women. Not only for celebrities and rappers but for teachers and politicians, single, married, gay or straight. Not only for the present but for the future. This was a message for you!

Braxton slaps us in the face with painfully real statements like:

“All I had to do was flat iron my hair, put on some apple bottom jeans and some heels and all the guys wanted to fuck me. All of them. I didn’t have to do anything. Some of them even offered to pay me. Pay me for the AIDS virus. Which is pretty dumb on your guys’ part? Just because I am pretty doesn’t mean I have nothing.”

“This is a message to all of you out there. Just because I’m fine than a motherfucker doesn’t mean that I am healthy.”

“Guys’ didn’t care. I just did it with my socks on and they never knew.” (in reference to her lesions on her feet)

“Shame. And most of these guys have girlfriends, wives and kids and they’re just going to throw their lives away for three minutes of pleasure with me. Three minutes of pleasure turned into a lifetime of death.”

“Just cause I’m cute doesn’t mean I don’t have shit. I have AIDS. You catch it; you die. That’s a simple recipe. You die. There’s no cure.”

“So before you see another pretty girl and you think just because she looks good on the outside doesn’t mean that she won’t infect you. She might not know she had it.”

So what is the moral of this story? What can each and every one of us learn from Jackie Braxton?

If you are still “raw-dogging” and/or using the “pull-out method” in 2010, you have to be not only incredible selfless but be just plain dumb to NOT protect yourself during sex. Some great dick is great to have but it damn sure aint worth dying over.

“Just because I’m fine than a motherfucker doesn’t mean that I am healthy.”

For all of you that are still out here singling out and bare-backing all the thick booty, cute fingers, toes and nose, MAC makeup clown, ANTM hoes, I hope you have enough sense to have your first date at the clinic. Men and women, married or single are being put on the spot and held accountable for their actions. It just goes to show that everything that you see that’s good isn’t good for you. It’s what inside that counts.



Tuesday Knight is a publicist for PUSH Publicity Inc. and a published writer who resides in Florida.