March 1, 2021

We can start by saving a life…one at a time!

www.yele.orgIn the wake of our current economic climate, natural disasters and the quality of life being questioned and tested on a daily basis, it pleases me to see artists create music to add a sense of security and hope to those who need to hear that others care.


“You’re not a square because you care and have a good heart.” – Travis McCoy in “One at a Time”

All sugar-coated bullshit aside, it’s tough out here. I don’t need to go into specifics because everyone is struggling with there own issues on different levels. Currently, the wonderful people of Haiti are dealing with a crisis bigger than economics, music and security. Innocent lives have become victims to disaster and they need help. Doesn’t matter how much or where it comes from…JUST GIVE!

What saddens me the most about this situation is not only people, but OUR PEOPLE, bringing all sorts of hate and ill will to Wyclef and the Ye’le Haiti Foundation. As a manager and owner of a non-profit organization I will tell you that we do have a tough job. Everything we do is of no personal monetary gain for us (hence the word “non-profit”). Most of us understand our calling to service and answered the line. I am not saying that the funds donated to the organization ALWAYS went here or there (the facts surrounding the story are too shaky) but at a time like this, all that is irrelevant.

Wyclef and others are in Haiti RIGHT NOW pulling their people from underneath rubble and earth while we all have the luxury of staying totally unharmed detached from the comfort of our homes. Wyclef and Ye’le Haiti have worked tirelessly over the past years to spread awareness and encourage donations for their country. Craxy how it only took us 2 days to raise money that Haiti needed 2 years ago. #kayneshrug I’m just sayin’…

I could think of a MILLION things to do with $5.oo right now. After going to an HBCU, you find a way to make pennies stretch. Being the surviving Americans that we are I have faith that you can find a way to re-supplement that somehow.  I just want to ensure and iterate that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Please take the time to visit my online grassroots effort to build trees and forestry in Haiti via Yes, our Haitian brothers and sisters do need clothing, food and supplies but they will also need forestry, trees and plants to grow and re-establish their natural methods of commerce.  Please follow the link. Donations aren’t mandatory but accepted. By visiting the website and participating in a series of short questions (takes 5 seconds) YOU TOO can plant a tree in Haiti. Thank you for being you and please spread the word!