Junkie Flicks: B.o.B. – “Put Me On”

Junkie Flicks: B.o.B. – “Put Me On”

True Story: So, my friend and I were sitting around one day catching up on the week and I noticed that her eye contact was very wavy. After a few seconds she blurts out, “My fault girl, but damn this dude is fine!”

So I whip my head around and long behold…it’s Bobby Ray! And looking quite dapper and appealing in his new video (but fairly old video) “Put Me On.” Needless to say, you’ve grown into much more than just your head Bobby Ray, lol! *wink*


MTV Jamz has been keeping this video in heavy rotation this past month. I am elated to witness B.o.B./Bobby Ray getting his just due. If you don’t know his story or haven’t had the opportunity to witness his art, please visit his SITE or MYSPACE. And as always don’t forget to tell em who sent you!





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