January 20, 2021

Look, I know that times are rough and everyone from the bartenders to the lady in the bathroom selling Trojans and Lemonheads needs their cut at the end of the night. But this is a notice to all my folk who work in the club as a bouncer/security, hostess/waitress, bartender, DJ, manager, promoter, street team or “talent”:

I am really elated that you’ve decided to extend one of the few times a year that you get to exercise your muscle on the job to me. I know this has to be a big time for you…truly. Now, I am going to take it that you telling me to “come up to the door, I got you” translates to “if you come to the door at my job tonight, I am going to make sure you gain entrance…free of charge”.

Correct me if I’m wrong at any time.

I know you want an opportunity to boast on the new job as Top Flight Security,  DJ Such-and-Such or WHOMEVER but unless you are hella tight with the head management/promoters on staff,  extending blank field trips to your job isn’t kosher.

Although this doesn’t happen to me often (or even rarely for that fact), I’d much rather not hear any excuses at the door that sound something like “the boss man is tripping” or “dang, you should have come earlier, I can’t do nothing for you now”.

Sidebar: Inviting me out and telling me to get there before 12am is brainless. What person in AMERICA doesn’t know that practically every club allows ladies in free before midnight! You wouldn’t be getting me in for free…you’d just be speeding up the entrance process.

In short, it’s 2010. If you don’t have enough pull to get your folks in the club regardless of the time, try to refrain from wreckless invi’s you can’t fulfill…I may be forced to call that ass out. Please and thank you.

Take it light,

Tuesday Knight