January 20, 2021

Breathtakingly Fine Possibilities: I don’t see NOTHING wrong…with being FINE!

From the desk of BFP:

Well, I’m one of those people that doesn’t do ‘either/or’ very well. Nothing is all bad…nor all good. I believe a black woman’s body is the absolutely most beautiful creation every conceived. Actually (and not to step on anyone’s religious beliefs), I happen to be the Creator (God) is a black woman. Humanity had it’s origins from the womb of a black, African woman, so it makes sense to me that God made (wo)man in Her own image, then why not think of God as a black woman? Besides, I have not come into contact with anything more divine than a black woman. All the black women in my life have played ‘saviour’ roles for me, therefore, my soul resides with them.

That said, I don’t think it’s a contradiction for black women to display their bodies in whichever form they choose. The problem is rooted in the fact that the degree of admiration for her body and the degree of respect are not consistent in our contemporary world.

I think black women are so many things. They are brilliant, strong, nurturing, and they are also fine as hell. I once wrote a blog, ‘Are being fine and smart mutually exclusive?’ and wondered why black women feel as though they can’t be/do both? It’s as though we’ve bought into the notion that if a woman shows her body she can’t be of much substance. And vice versa, if you’re smart, why would you show your body? It’s that either/or thing I hate so much.

Why can a black woman be fine and have a beautiful mind? Black women ARE, and have always flawlessly exhibited both!

Some sistas say, ‘when people see a black woman’s ass, all they are thinking is that they want screw the hell outta her.’ Well, some might, but with anything, that doesn’t mean that she should let them, or that what they think should even matter to her.

I think a lot of this has not to do with how people view black women’s bodies, particularly their booties. It’s actually more a matter of HOW BLACK WOMEN VIEW THEMSELVES.

When black women begin to view their bodies as blessings and not curses. When they see their bodies not as just an ‘asset’ but a complement, an enhancement to all the other things that make them divine…they will begin to care less about what other people think about them, and begin to fully embrace all the possibilities to be considered about themselves.

Essentially, to me, many of the views you have of yourself are reflecting in the judgments other people develop of you. The level of self-respect and confidence you convey, is most often reciprocated back to you.

And finally, I asked the sistas who responded if my Facebook or Twitter pages contributed to the problem…and perhaps it does. Although, I think what separates my pages from some others on is that I ALWAYS maintain the respect factor. I think that what I do not only shows appreciation for a black woman’s beauty, but also for her essence!

There have been countless times that I’ve reached out to many of my followers/FB friends, with the only intention being to say, ‘hello’. To ask how things are going in their live and just to remind them how beautiful they are….nothing more. Many of them I have gotten to know a little bit more because in me asking them about themselves, we’ve realized other things we share in common. To me, that’s essentially what my pages are about….being attracted to one’s physical attributes, but being even more impressed by one’s intellectual and spiritual possibilities.

That is also why I write as many blogs as I do, trying to get people to think a little more, in ways they may not have considered before. Trying to get them to not think so much in either/or terms, but think more broadly about things that on the surface seem so cut and dry.

Black women have to begin to own more of themselves. In addition, they must take ownership of their image in the world. Black women cannot respond to other people’s definitions of them, they must begin to develop the definition of who it is they are, and who they eventually will become.

Well, I said all that to say, I am the Black woman’s #1 fan. I find value in EVERYTHING about black women…their minds, spirits, and most definitely and unapologetically their bodies! …and even more, I revere the Black woman…and God, She is so amazing!