January 16, 2021

Do you know what a publicist is? If not you’re not alone. In fact, many people don’t know what a publicist is and some claim they need one and may not be ready for one yet. Some people get PR and a publicist mixed up. Well, we got a chance to talk to one of the most well connected and respected publicist in the music industry, Tuesday Knight. You may have recognized Tuesday from working with companies like TJ’s DJ’s, The Core DJ’s, Demp Week and several other notable industry tastemakers and brands.  Well, Tuesday has branched off on her own with PUSH Publicity Inc. and now doting a degree in Public Relations, her success has been elevating ever since. I had a chance to talk to Tuesday to see what PUSH Publicity has in store in 2010.

Get’em: What projects are you working on now?

PUSH Publicity Inc.: Right now I am working on a project with Troi Media Group called www.in360tv.com and what it is a social networking site/portal for artist to communicate with other independent tastemakers.  I am also excited about a new venture with DJ Michael “5000” Watts and the Swisha House brand this Spring as well. There are lots more, but until the checks clear I can’t give them any free press, lol.

Get’em: A lot of artists don’t know what a publicist does. As a publicist, what do you do?

PUSH Publicity inc.:  First of all, not only artist, but people who have been in the industry for years don’t know what a publicist is. The information is free for everybody. A publicist is someone who has internal relationships with media outlets to gain clients positive press and positive exposure as a public figure. They also have the ability to manipulate your image to the press. They play clean up to your media mishaps and communicate with both the public and other businesses on the clients behalf. In a nutshell, your publicist is like the co-pilot to your success. Once you have income generated and you have created yourself a buzz, you have something to work with. Don’t claim you need a publicist or you are in need of one if you don’t know what it Is or what it is they is suppose to do. Don’t get it confused with promotions or public relations. Publicity and public relations are two different services as well. While they can work hand in hand together, they are not the same. I encourage folk to read. All this information is free. You need a publicist, a manager/agent, and a good attorney to understand how putting all these people on your team can benefit you.

Get’em: Is there any specific qualifications a person must have to work with you?

PUSH Publicity Inc: All publicist look for different things in clients and vice versa. First and foremost, I would ask all clients to present me with a budget. A lot of people think that publicity is something that is free, so they underestimate or just don’t estimate a  publicity budget. Plain and simple, we are for hire, not help. And the work too. There is a lot of work that goes behind the title. Sitting on the phones day in and day out, pitching to different news outlets, different editors, magazines, etc. And that’s just scratching the service. I would just suggest that people learn the value of having a great publicist on your team. It could mean national/international impressions that you just can’t obtain with FaceBook and Twitter alone.