Congrats are in order: Salute a bad chick when you see one X Tanza wins 106th & Park’s W.O.W. Competition!

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It does my heart good to see and associate with so many positive women of colour and statures around me on a such a consistent basis. It is very rare to associate kindness and chemistry with female friendship these days because people’s motives are so skewed. To no avail, I remain eternal in my loyalty
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[youtube=] *blank stare* So, if you watched the same video that I just did then you should have saw that Chris Bridges has invested in the powers that be and orchestrated a “reunion” of sorts of reformed and burgeoning lady lyricist. Since this is all that the pot of lyrical females boils downs to then
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The lack of knowledge and understanding for conducting business, minimal moral and ethical standards and the fear of change just so happen to be a small appetizer of issues that exist in the business of entertainment (specifically, the music industry). The is an influx of creative individuals in various genres that are much more talented
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