February 28, 2021

The lack of knowledge and understanding for conducting business, minimal moral and ethical standards and the fear of change just so happen to be a small appetizer of issues that exist in the business of entertainment (specifically, the music industry).

The is an influx of creative individuals in various genres that are much more talented than the those the media choose exploit to us.

Janelle Monae. B.o.B. Yelawolk. Prynce. Rimidi. Mr. Al Pete. Really Doe. Sophia Fresh. Teedra Moses. Jazmin. Tanza. Dondria. Juice. Katrina Bello. Ebony Love. The Village. Rebel Raw. E. Mackey. I could go on for days. These people to me represent an bouquet of artistic expression that provides more than it hinders. That support more than they destroy. That create more than they isolate.

If you know me then you acknowledge, understand and accept my adoration for E. Badu. More than just a musician, she is a creator of music that can inspire, motive and evoke thought and change. More than just a mother to Seven, Puma and Mars, she nurtures us all in installments (hence the predetermined scheduled releases of the New Amerykah Series) as only true artists do. More than just an artist, she has transcended into a realm or creativity that no longer includes her vocals but her whole body as a means of expression.

There will be very few that will fully comprehend the depth and message so carefully embedded in this reel. More importantly, I don’t believe most can fully appreciate the amount of pulchritude embossed all over her body.

Show me a woman in her late thirties with 3 kids, a demanding career with a body better than what any of these so called “celebrities” could have paid for, and I’ll show you this video. Peep.


See what I mean? Ms. Minaj, I dig you, you know I do..but you need to peep game. All things beautiful can be created naturally. I’m just sayin’.

via Bossip.com

[One of the tracks off New Amerykah] “Out My Mind Just In Time” is also the title of the cover art for NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO, which is a collaboration between Erykah Badu and famed artist and poster designer EMEK, who also designed the inspired packaging for New Amerykah Part One. The new album cover depicts an underwater image of Badu wearing a suit of armor that symbolizes the tough exterior she developed to protect herself from the harsh realities of life. The armor is her old shell and now she’s liberating herself from it by climbing out of her own head so that she can be reborn. Her tuning fork is summoning the vibrations of the universe and the purple-colored tree of life and purple sky represent the 7th Chakra—the Crown Chakra right above her third eye shield, which represents peace, wisdom, and spirituality. The numerical theme of three is symbolized by three moons, three hidden babies, three trees, and three ankhs. Closer inspection reveals that Badu’s shoulders are surrounded by many of the same objects that filled her abstract afro on the cover of New Amerykah Part One, including handcuffs, a foreclosed home, fast food, cigarettes, broken chains, and a military tank. Here, those items represent refuse and rubble from which new life grows into a vibrant garden of colorful flowers blossoming all around her.

In keeping with the concept of the cover art, NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO taps into Badu’s emotional side by thematically focusing on romance and relationships. “With Part One, I was standing at an apex, looking at what was going on around me politically, socially, and economically,” Badu explains. “With PART TWO, I’m hovering over me, looking at what’s going on inside of me.

I pray that people catch the *MESSAGE*! Shame on Bossip for dispensing that backwards ass commentary about both the video and her “look”. I’m convinced now…you guys just don’t get it.