February 24, 2021

I still don’t believe you. You need more people…Literally.


*blank stare*

So, if you watched the same video that I just did then you should have saw that Chris Bridges has invested in the powers that be and orchestrated a “reunion” of sorts of reformed and burgeoning lady lyricist. Since this is all that the pot of lyrical females boils downs to then I SUPPOSE we are left with Nicki Minaj, Trina (still don’t see how she can stand next to Eve and still claim to be the baddest – NO SHADE), Diamond (I see you!) and E-V-E on the “My Chick Bad” remix?

Again *blank stare*

Seeing this video gave me the same feeling that I had when I saw En Vogue, SWV and TLC all come out with Alicia Keys a few years ago at someones validation event. I loved all of you when you were in your prime and still fux with all of you TO THIS DAY (these artists just so happen to make timeless music that can’t ever be faded) but, *raises hand*…

When are you all planning on dropping an album? Not a reality series and most definitely not another clothing line or surgical enhancement, but real, quality music? An LP? An EP? You know, that stuff that you used to make.

This video was the right step into determining whether or not this will the the catalyst needed to get Eve back in the studio (wait, has she found a label home yet?), a real single, promotional campaign for both Nicki and Trina and the shine that Diamond finally needs and deserves to separate her from the Scrappy + Crime Mob shadow.

I will dare not comment on the video or the level of intriguing content in the lyrics because you have ears and you can hear for yourselves. But I have always been wise t know that you only have one shot make an impression and one to lose one. When you have competition like this waiting in the balance, it would behoove of you to “step your cookies up”. .. 423, 818? Unfortunately, numbers don’t lie. I’m just sayin’…