December 4, 2020

As talented and ass-tastic as I like to believe that I am, the foundation and birth place of my inner creativity was all hatched under the roofs of this man’s headquarters.

I got my start at the renowned TJ’s DJ’s Inc., which is home to the TJ’s DJ’s Quarterly DJ/Music Conference and the Annual Ozone Awards.

Whether you have been hiding underneath a rock or just resuming normal life as you know it, you have to have witnessed the phenom that is B.o.B. a/k/a Bobby Ray who is making strides on the charts with his #1 single “Nothing On You.” TJ Chapman just so happens be partly (in some cases wholly) responsible for the success and launching of his career.

With over 20 years under his belt in this industry, we all could stand to soak up some knowledge from Mr. Chapman. Whether it be information about how to gain attention on your project through social networking or how to effectively pitch your song to the media, TJ provides free, informative articles for artists and music tastemakers. Peep the links. And don’t forget to tell him who sent you!

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