January 16, 2021

via PrettyHustlaz.com:

Hus-tler. An enterprising person determined to succeed; Go-getter. Now, throw some beautiful women into the picture and what do you get? The Pretty Hustlaz, of course. Founded by Candi Coated Model and Diamond Diva, its a wonder how these two didn’t come together sooner…both come from the same places: Florida, Jamaican, and New Jersey. They met after hosting a TV show and hit it off perfectly. The Pretty Hustlaz are models with a “go getta” attitude and will not stop until they get to the top. The members of Pretty Hustlaz include: Diamond Diva, Candi Coated Model, and Chyna Doll (of Royalty Graphix).

Pretty Hustlaz Inc. is an elite model management firm looking to work with aspiring and established models that have that “Pretty Hustla” attitude! Stay tuned for Pretty Hustlaz reality TV, focused on bringing you the latest in celebrity news, gossip, models, magazines, and exclusive LIVE footage from some of the hottest events worldwide! And remember to watch out for America’s NEXT PRETTY HUSTLA! The Pretty Hustlaz will soon be located in Atlanta, GA.

Interested in becoming a Pretty Hustla?? Pretty Hustlaz Inc. is now recruiting models for our female promotion team! Please send an email to PrettyStarzCastings@gmail.com with at least 2 pictures and some background experience.

Mission Statement: Many have made the mistake of assuming that only in a euphoric world could successful career minded women come together for the purpose of accomplishment. Many have forgotten the strength of a woman’s will, determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Picture the site of the reality of this euphoric world where we have djs, actors, journalist, rappers/singers, producers, exotic dancers, performers, and writers all coming together in an effort to not only network but also provide each other with support and anything else one can offer. Imagine a world where women in the entertainment realm can work with and for each other in order to ensure the success of every ambitious woman, one women at a time. Transform thoughts into dreams, dreams into reality and you have Pretty Hustlaz Inc.

Please stop by the site and see what marvelous work these ladies are doing! And don’t forget to tell them who sent you!