March 4, 2021

iSUPPORT…Soil: The Warrior Lessons

How I missed this one still escapes me but as most can see, I have taken a small hiatus from the site.

What can I say? When HE calls, you BEST pick up the line. With that being said, I won’t bore you all with the normal rhetoric of where life has blown me this time. Just know that I am here. Hell, I never really left…but I digress.

FaceBook can be interesting portal, especially if you have been involved in the many developmental changes that the site has undergone the past few years. What started out as a place for college students to network and socialize via the web is now a hub for many narcissistic personalities begging for some kind, ANY KIND, of attention. I’m more than convinced that half of my graduating class should have studied theology instead of journalism because everyone is “filled with the good word.”

No shade…just facts.

And while it has not been the ideal place to go searching for real music, I have come across something that I refused to NOT share with you all and although you wouldn’t quite consider this “music”, the message is timeless. Father’s Day is one of those holidays that is always overshadowed. Daddies haven’t gotten the best rap this century (especially daddies of colour) but this is a progressively humble approach to restoring life and strength back into our families and overall thinking.

I ask you: If you only had a few seconds to share wisdom with your seedz, what would YOU choose to say? Stuck? Here’s a little boost…

Folks, I give you  SOIL: The Warrior Lessons

Father’s Day is a day for reverence for our father figures, and Hip-Hop, as a whole does not pay its respects to all of the good fathers in our community. Producers and Fathers Metaphysic and Amond Jackson have put together a hip-hop tribute to all Fathers and the relationship they share with their children. The project entitled “Soil: The Warrior Lessons” pulls together uncompromising people from the hip-hop community sharing wisdom for our kids over Amond’s and Metaphysic’s beats with special guests producers. Hip Hop notables like J-Live, DJ Applejack, Floyd the Locsmif, Illastrate, M1 of Dead Prez, Homeboy Sandman, Supa Dave West, John Robinson, DJ Amdex and many others will speak to their seeds and share the feelings and information they need to know. This project should be the soundtrack to your Father’s Day and provide encouragement for you and your young ones.

“Soil” is everything a parent provides for their children or “seeds.” Metaphysic describes the project’s title in this way: “Just like in nature our children, our “seeds” can’t grow alone once planted. They need the proper care in order to flourish. The soil is the nourishment parents must provide in order for our youth to grow strong roots and flourish. With the right soil our youth can properly develop into productive, self reliant and creative contributors to the human family.” Amond and Meta intend for this project to be a gift for Fathers to share with their children to provide alternative perspectives from mainstream music and media. This project also serves as a time capsule that generations in the future can listen to and see what these group of fathers and fathers-to-be had on their minds.

The sense of community among fathers is a major theme for this project. Amond and Meta have brought together many different voices in hip-hop; DJs, MCs, B-Boys, Producers, Writers, Videographers, and Freedom Fighters have all contributed to this inspirational instrumental project. The music will be free, so listeners can expect to hear a wide range of vibes and sounds. “Soil: The Warrior Lessons” will be a free download available Father’s Day June 20, 2010.


I encourage you to share this with your family, play it for your daddy and borrow a few affirmations to share with your own seeds. You can follow SOIL movement on Twitter (@oursoil) and as always, let them know who sent you! Take it light and have an ass-tastic Wednesday!