February 28, 2021

iSupport: @ToniHickman – “Missin You” + The Toni Hickman Story reels

It takes one tough cookie to withstand the pressures of the music industry. Most don’t have the stamina. Most rarely possess the hustle. Others just bounce along with no direction in hopes to land somewhere amongst the stars.

That is not the case with Toni Hickman.

Her story can’t be ghostwritten or versed in freestyle unless it comes directly from her mouth. Here is an excerpt from her bio:

Toni has had the privilege to work with artist like Jazzy Pha, Jagged Edge, Peety Pablo, Nitti, Fishscales of the Nappy Roots, and many more.She was about to negotiate a deal with Peety Pablo and Suge Knight, when suddenly she was rushed to the hospital for her 1st Brain Aneurysm in 2004.

After 6 months of healing, Toni got back on the scene, preforming so much that she caught the attention of Vibe magazine, Ozone Magazine, Grip Magazine, Urbanite Magazine and a few more.She was in the process of being able to put her project out herself through an investor before yet having another brain Aneurysm in 2007.This one Paralyzed her and left her without a voice.After going through her suicidal depression in the hospital, she made a decision that “Either I’m gonna let this beat me, or I’m gonna beat this!”

When the interviewer told Toni, “Well, I guess this means its time to stop preforming and doing your music.”Toni responded “I didn’t move to New York, sleep in a shelter, get a deal and not put my album out, move to Atlanta, have 2 Brain Aneurysms and a stroke for nothing, I am going to still do music better than I ever have, and be the best disabled hip hop artist you have ever seen!”

Below is a shining example of perseverance and tuning into your destiny.Daps and pounds on her new video produced by non other than the homie DJ Who of  Gothic Films.


“Missin’ U” is the current single from her 2009 album titled “Crippled Pretty”. She describes it as “an emotional based album full of street soul, joy, anger, inspiration, and most of all, Toni’s pains and accomplishments.”

You can follow her on Twitter @ToniHickman and purchase her album directly from her site at www.tonihickman.com. And as always, don’t forget to tell her who sent you!