January 16, 2021

Ill Reels: Kayne West debuts A Cappella version of material from “Good Ass Job”

Kayne West recently stopped by Facebook Headquarters to delivers some jewels from his upcoming album “Good Ass Job”.

I take my hat, shoes and socks off to this dude. After undergoing a series of “personnel changes” – he and longtime girlfriend and protege Amber Rose split right before he retreated to a Hawaii studio to begin recording his album – and taking some much need time out from the public eye, West has once again created a gumbo of intellectual street scriptures. This preview comes accompanied by no humming bass lines or snappy kicks. No tickles on the ivory. Just a room full of  onlookers eager and hanging on to his every motion and syllable.

I won’t make you wait any longer. I give you the sneak peak to Kayne West’s “Good Ass Job” in stores September 14th (with an early UK release slated for September 13th).




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