January 20, 2021

Pure Hilarity: Antoine Dobson’s debut in the “Bed Intruder Song”


Courtesy of  Auto-Tune the News:

After Antoine Dodson, a young hero from Huntsville, AL, saves his sister from an attack, he sings an important message both to his community and to the attacker himself. Evan Gregory then proceeds to play a heartfelt cover of the resulting song.

To see the original footage of Dobson’s original Live at 5 debut, peep below.



The reality of this is not truly funny because this woman did get assaulted in her own home. But seeing as though the rest of the news is stab, kill, war, it’s a little refreshing to see the lighter side of humor in the news. Now, go and wrap your arms around someone and tell them you love ’em! Happy Sunday!