January 20, 2021

The Waken Bake Tour makes an impromptu stop in “Taylorhassee” for FSU Homecoming 2010

All day the weather had been pleasant. Perfect day for a live set.

Chicks adorned the yard in their finest TGOD/JETS-wear and the groupie hoes were in full affect. Plastic bangles and spandex were the components.

I can almost guarantee that almost a third of the dudes here were laced in black and yellow (a given).

The Waken Bake Tour, headlined by Atlantic Records/Rostrum Records artist Wiz Khalifa, made an impromptu and convenient opportunity out of an off day and joined the Florida State University Seminole’s in celebrating this year’s homecoming festivities. With this being his 2nd time in Tallahassee, the setting was reminiscent of that of a family reunion. Picture everyone waiting for that one rich cousin that EVERYONE HAS but always makes the reunion L-I-V-E when they arrive…well, that’s what it was like.

The show opened with After The Smoke and several other independent artists. Also co-piloting this leg of the tour with the boy Wiz was none other than Ghet-o-Vision/Interscope Records artist Yelawolf (RESUME CHECK: Trunk Muzik, Mixin’ up the Medicine, and most recent Ain’t No DJ) and while I would like to say that he delivered a great show as usual, I couldn’t hear ANYTHING to confirm it! They might as well had delivered the feed via computer speakers and a Sony Walkman because I was right next to the stage and couldn’t hear jack. And in normal Yelawolf fashion, he came into and through the crowd and soon realized our dilemma.

After an extensive 30-minute wait for better sound and watching random intoxicated females wander aimlessly through the cannabis-coated venue, Wiz finally graced the stage…only to be greeted by dead mics!

*cuing Nicki Minaj’s Kill Da DJ*

Mics fixed. Levels straight. Lighting right. Cue the music. Lighters go UP! Such a lovely scene amongst fellow Taylors!

Paper planes were summoned and even papers were passed out to the crowd. After performing more than a handful of cuts from his mixtapes “Burn After Rolling” and “Kush & Orange Juice” such as The Kid Frankie, The Thrill, Up, Never Been, Waken Baken and In the Cut, the show came to a hazy hault. He thanks the crowd and as they disassemble and retreat to their vehicles, my last visual of the night was one for the books…or the blog for that matter.

Security clears the way for the artist to leave the stage and the procession of the line goes as follows: 6 big ass security men, the artists, the crew and about 20-40 determined young ladies heading right to the bus…ALL OF THEM.

And as the slogan goes …”No child left behind.” And there wasn’t.

For more footage for the show, peep the videos below. 2nd mention: Pardon the sound.





Now Taylor Gang that.