February 24, 2021

Open Letters: Fool, I Aint Your Baby!

 Composed by Tuesday Knight

Often slung around general conversation or introductions like checks on the first and fifteen, the terms “baby”, “sexy”,” boo”, “wifey” and “mama” should be elected for permanently placement on the “do not utter” list (unless any of those names are listed on your birth certificate).

While to most women it may sound cute and come off as some sort of come on or term of endearment, I find myself in a position to beg to differ.

Old-school heads would consider this a form of disrespect or lack of respect. You have a name and have been provided security clearance to use it at your discretion. Mothers and fathers milled tirelessly to choose which name would be appropriate for you based on the smile you may have like your mama or your character you will grow into like your papa. They named you what they named you for a reason. Specifically, they named you for distinction.

Not to be called your baby without having ever worked to prove you deserve a response. Sexy when I’m just trying to be a woman recognized for that behind my eyes, not between my thighs. Boo because you’re too frightened to call out her name instead of mine and wifey…well, that’s an entirely different column.

Consider this a moment of maturation. What used to make my inner girl giggle no longer stimulates my bourgeoning grown woman. I’ve worked hard to make sure executives never find a reason to forget my name and for media outlets to deem me the “go-to” person for press.

Tuesday just isn’t the 3rd day of the week to you and Knight (minus the “K” of course) doesn’t only resonate with the time of day.

Tuesday isn’t just the release day for new music and Knight is not just considered a chess piece.

Tuesday Knight is the name I fought hard to have rolled off the lips of tastemakers and influencers worldwide to represent solid business, consistency and overall greatness. So, you can call me baby, boo, sexy, cutie, mama, wifey, doll, love or any other pet names you call random floozies but just don’t expect me to respond. It’s Tuesday Knight if you know me. Ms. Knight if you’re classy!

Take it light,


P.S. Yeah, I said it.