January 20, 2021

Does @NeNeLeakes kind of remind you of…

You know, for a while I couldn’t quite put my hand on it. I searched high and low for context clues until it finally came to me in an “A HA” moment.

Long before the RHOA’s infamous NeNe Leakes used a garter belt as a change purse or graced your TV screen on Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice”, she was procreated in spirit and digital form.

I don’t beg to differ that Ms. Cita from BET’s archive, animated series “Cita’s World” inspired something trivial in NeNe.

Not convinced? Peep the uncanny resemblance and the twin-like behaviors they share. Now does it all makes sense? Go on ahead…you can trip like you didn’t think it. I said it for you :o)

Ride with me on a trip down ol’ memory lane as we give life to Cita’s World. #onenightonly