March 4, 2021

Split Decision: Jookin’ or The Dougie?

The real, born-and-bred Floridians can relate with me on this post.

Being from Florida unlike being from any other state. It’s the only place that sprouts 75 degree weather in the wintertime, we have some of the most hospitable folk you will ever meet and the caliber of men/women that inhabit from here are nothing short of amazing. We produce the most talented artists and have bred some of the clubs best dances known to man.

After reading a tweet last week by @juliabeverly about classic Florida clubs songs that you would never hear on the radio, it got me to thinking. Folk have been doing the dougie all over the internet like it’s a prerequisite for adulthood, yet a similar dance titled the “Jook” has been on the scene since the early 2000’s. Some say it originated from Memphis but Florida has been jookin’ way before Tampa Tony ever wrote the record.

I’m just merely pointing out tidbits I’ve noticed for journalistic integrity. I’m no Striker or Step Up 3 extra so you be the judge.