Memo from the editor x Fresh Reels: @KendrickLamar – “Cut You Off” Official Video

Memo from the editor x Fresh Reels: @KendrickLamar – “Cut You Off” Official Video

To keep it fair, I’m sure we all attempt to tackle each day as if it is a new opportunity and change to conquer or recreate what you couldn’t before. Each day to be alive, compared to the oblivious odds, is truly a clean slate to try, attempt, reapply, redo and recreate a new possibility…

…but, to keep it funky, I was more than delighted to sweep the remnants of 2011’s moody ass right out the front door!

Life has shown repeatedly that it is incredibly short and people no longer value theirs the same, nor others. Each day, hour and moment is another choice. Take one. Make one. The right one. For you.

I’m thankful for this new day, the power of change and potential that has to lead as that  platform. The team is growing and we are all elated with what’s in store for the New Year!

So, let’s call it “irony” that I just so happen to have been playing this song when I stumbled upon the video over at the Wi-Fi Syndicate and I see the visual, to my audio mantra for 2012.

from @KendrickLamar “Cut You Off”:

I’m trying to learn something new/I trying to surround myself w/ people that inspire me/Or at least inquire similar desires to do what it t-a-k-e just to reach the t-o-p.

Enjoy the reel:




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