February 28, 2021

PUSH Spotlight: @FatBoyRhymer on how “Staying True to Your Passion Brings You Success”

Following the path that has been laid out for him, DJ Rhymer has fully embraced his calling as an emcee. He is a young entrepreneur, an independent artist, and a fearless spirit. Considered a package deal, he performs, hosts, promotes, dee jays and produces his own events. Walking in his love for music, he is passionate about satisfying his listeners and fans. Despite a strong following and an impressive track record, he is most excited about his EP that will be available on iTunes in February. Enjoy the success story of someone who is not afraid to pursue his dream and make the sacrifices that accompany the journey.
[Fat Boy Rhymer being interivewed by Suzzette Turnbull. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images]

DJ Rhymer has been dee jaying since the age of 12 in Carol City (183rd Street). He grew up going to an underground radio station every day after school. At home, he would practice everything he saw. Learning by watching, a dee jay was born. For many years, he has kept the dance floor jumping, has been spinning hard at parties, and has become ‘the voice’ that people like to hear. Being true to his trademark of learning by watching, he understood what people liked and what they wanted. It was a natural progression for him to evolve into emcee Fat Boy Rhymer making his own party music.

Traveling to different cities across the nation, he has been performing his latest, well-received mixtape, “Now That I Got Your Attention Vol 2” available on DatPiff. His fans have said, “I love your mixtape because it has music I can play.” The up tempo tracks are enjoyed by all ages from high school students to adults. Staying active, every Friday night, Fat Boy Rhymer hosts a party at Palm Gardens, Miami, FL catering to the grown and sexy crowd.

His number 1 success tip: “The promotion and music goes hand in hand. You have to get the word out there. Once you get people’s attention with the promotion, the music has to be right to keep their attention.”

‎Dr. Phil says, “We generate the results in life we believe we deserve.” Your dream should be bigger than you. It should not be something you can accomplish on your own and it will definitely test you. Be inspired by Fat Boy Rhymer’s story of perseverance and success.

[Fat Boy Rhymer and Teddy T, Star Quality Entourage. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images]

For feature or booking information, email fatboyrhymerbooking@gmail.com or call 305-647-8438. Follow him on Twitter for the latest updates on the iTunes album coming soon.

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