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…this is not a militant message. I repeat, this is not a militant message. While browsing through Pinterest I found these dope candles that were actually molded from artist/producer Pharelle Williams hand/wrist region (forehand). Translated it means “enough is enough. Many of us relate to this as being the universal hand signal to “kick rocks”, “take a
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I’ve got to keep it funky. I only came across the wondrous Fela Kuti only moments ago, but because I’ve yet to tear myself away from his music, story, message and living legacy, the journalist in me feels compelled to share. [youtube=!]

  Always enlisted to garner the exclusive, Oprah Winfrey has secured the “mother of all interviews” with the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, sister-in-law and brother – the first interview from the family since Houston’s death on Feb. 11. With the obvious topics and reflections of Whitney’s life being the crux of this conversation, they also
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