January 20, 2021

Before you start your judging…

…this is not a militant message. I repeat, this is not a militant message.

While browsing through Pinterest I found these dope candles that were actually molded from artist/producer Pharelle Williams hand/wrist region (forehand).

Translated it means “enough is enough. Many of us relate to this as being the universal hand signal to “kick rocks”, “take a petrol shot”, or simply “f*ck off”. Depending on the situation, you may be in the right. ” Po-tatoes, pota-toes.

Dave Chapelle’s 2006 DocuFilm “Dave Chapelle’s Block Party” lead us to 1/2 of the controversy hip-hop group, Dead Prez’s M1. It was then that M1 so formally educated us on the true meaning of this gesture that we so fluidly emulate.

Since I can’t find the actual quote or clip, here’s some info via Wikipedia:

¡Ya basta! is a phrase in Spanish roughly approximate to “Enough is enough!” in English. It has been adopted by several Latin American insurgent groups as an expression of affront towards issues that sparked the original dissent. Its adoption by the EZLN in Mexico as the movement’s motto is exemplary of its popularity and ability to rally diverse ideologies under a common goal.

Rapper M-1 of the group Dead Prez endorsed the use of the phrase and the accompanying hand sign in the film Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. Dead Prez further used the sign in the inside cover art of their album RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta.

Now on to the art. The candles were created by the artist at Artnau.com, whose vision lies behind seeing it all and then sharing it. There are several other designs in various colors, including Williams’ trademark StarTrak hand symbol. Check out more by clicking HERE!