Intervention: The Souls of Black Folk…

I am utterly disgusted at what I have witnessed online today.

I read a lot, and I mean A LOT, all with intentions and goals of uncovering and unveiling deep, stimulating issues that relate to us everyday, everywhere…not just in the entertainment business.

My people are in trouble and its a lot worse than any of us could have imagined. Apparently, this past Monday night’s episode of A&E’s popular reality series Intervention featured former WBA junior lightweight champion Rocky Lockridge and his downward spiral into a life of addiction and homelessness.

So, it’s a Saturday night and I’m up fishing for leads and I catch the video on World Star Hip Hop. The headline read (and I quote):

Saddest Intervention: Former Boxing Champ “Rocky Lockridge” (Who Knocked Out Floyd Mayweather’s Uncle In 98 Sec) Had Crack Addiction! + Hear His Cry At The End Sounding Like A Walrus In Heat!

And here is the footage of the actual intervention (or for the full episode, click HERE).



Did you see anything truly funny here? Take your time, I’ll wait…

I didn’t think so.

What irks me the most is not only that people have found humor in someones misery but that we have become so numb and almost “zombie-like” when it comes to any type of feeling. Here you have two more African-American men that were abandoned by their father. Yeah, they seem to be pretty balanced despite but it is evident that his absence played a HUGE role on their lives on many levels. To have to bear and balance love, confusion, disappointment, longing and hatred all for the same person is exhausting to the spirit. Imagine having to feel all those things consecutively for 15 years all for one person. There is a difference between being a bastard child and being abandoned by your father…these men felt a toxic mixture of both.

After watching the video and being almost brought to tears, I hurriedly scrolled down hoping that someone had something encouraging or uplifting to say about the clip and these are the type of comments I ran across:


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! lmao!..not that funny but it was funny to me..this nothin new tho..shiiit at least they kno where they fatha at..i have no clue where mine is and dont care


“i look behind my shoulder for every black man that passes me”…yea cuz u g*y son lol….u want dat meat

And these are from YouTube:

2 gay sons no wife no money yeah you gonna be on drugs or either kill yourself god damn why are they talking so slow takes about 10 minutes to say 1 sentence lol shit seemed like the sons where fake crying to me

lmfao he sound like a walrus haha i can tell his 2 sons are gay as fuck to. This man cry is epic haha

Am I missing something??? These are two black men that have come together, hoping to save the person who made them and folk find humor in the pain in this man’s cry? Is that where we are black folk?

Or it that losing family to addiction, having to live without our daddies and hatred have just become ALL TOO FAMILIAR to us. So familiar that instead of seeing what we saw and feeling and relating, we stand atop of others hardships to avoid reality.

Ain’t nothing cool about being without a daddy, girl or boy. I can not see how any person of colour or with a pulse could not feel what was displayed before us.

Shame on World Star for instigating the entire thing with that irrelevant headline and for encouraging your already feeble-minded audience.

I’m telling you folks, watch what you watch. We have such a long way to go. Run your mouth. Share your sentiments, please.


Linked Up: TJ Chapman’s Blog

As talented and ass-tastic as I like to believe that I am, the foundation and birth place of my inner creativity was all hatched under the roofs of this man’s headquarters.

I got my start at the renowned TJ’s DJ’s Inc., which is home to the TJ’s DJ’s Quarterly DJ/Music Conference and the Annual Ozone Awards.

Whether you have been hiding underneath a rock or just resuming normal life as you know it, you have to have witnessed the phenom that is B.o.B. a/k/a Bobby Ray who is making strides on the charts with his #1 single “Nothing On You.” TJ Chapman just so happens be partly (in some cases wholly) responsible for the success and launching of his career.

With over 20 years under his belt in this industry, we all could stand to soak up some knowledge from Mr. Chapman. Whether it be information about how to gain attention on your project through social networking or how to effectively pitch your song to the media, TJ provides free, informative articles for artists and music tastemakers. Peep the links. And don’t forget to tell him who sent you!

How To Get Automatic Alerts When You or Your Band Is Mentioned Online

How To Get Booked On The U.S. College Circuit

A Secret To Making An Extra $500 A Show From Your Merch Table

FREE Guide on Tour Marketing for Artists: Squeezing the Show


Just PRessed: Florida A&M University and other HBCUs net millions with newly passed law

One time for all my Rattlers c/o 2003-2008!

SMH that I couldn’t have come up on this lick when I was on the hill…but I digress. This is good news, though. Peep.


WASHINGTON — Florida A&M University and other historically black colleges in the state will get an additional $61 million over the next decade under legislation that President Barack Obama signed into law Tuesday.

Under the new law, the federal government will process all student loans and distribute grants and other aid to students rather than paying banks to do so.

“We need to invest that money in our students,” Obama told students at Northern Virginia Community College. “By cutting out the middle man, we’ll save American taxpayers $68 billion in the coming years.”

The money Florida will get is included in $2.55 billion for minority colleges and universities, according to the House Education and Labor Committee. About 60 percent of 4.7 million minority undergraduates nationwide attend historically black colleges, according to Melody Barnes, director of Obama’s Domestic Policy Council.

The additional funding will allow those institutions to reduce class sizes and improve programs, she said.

“Over time, these colleges and universities have tended to do a lot more with a lot less,” Barnes said. “These dollars will allow them to help shore up their programs.”

Republicans criticized the new law, saying the government will keep student-loan interest rates as high as they are now, even though it will spend less than private lenders providing the loans. And they said the money the government saves won’t be returned to students.

“Nineteen million college students are going to be unhappy when they find out that this latest Washington takeover overcharges them on their student loans to help pay for the new health care law and other government programs,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, chairman of the Republican Conference. “Any savings should go to the students, not the government.”

Republicans also raised concerns that eliminating the role of private lenders in the student-loan business will cost jobs, including possibly 600 at a Sallie Mae loan processing center in Panama City.

But Education Secretary Arne Duncan said private companies will continue to service the loans.

“This is the right thing to do for the taxpayer,” Duncan said. “This is just a remarkable opportunity.”

The higher-education legislation was attached to a package of health care reform provisions. It will distribute about $68 billion over 10 years, including $40 billion in larger Pell Grants for financially needy students.

The amount of the maximum annual Pell Grant will grow from $5,550 this year to $5,975 by 2017. That will send an additional $70 million over the next decade to 2nd Congressional District represented by Rep. Allen Boyd, D-Monticello, according to the House Education and Labor Committee.

In addition, graduates repaying a student loan won’t have to pay more than 10 percent of their income above a living allowance. Until now, the maximum was 15 percent. The living allowance is about $16,500 for an individual and $33,000 for a family of four.

Congrats are in order: Salute a bad chick when you see one X Tanza wins 106th & Park’s W.O.W. Competition!

It does my heart good to see and associate with so many positive women of colour and statures around me on a such a consistent basis. It is very rare to associate kindness and chemistry with female friendship these days because people’s motives are so skewed.

To no avail, I remain eternal in my loyalty to my clique to always support them and uplift them in and out of their times of need. To say that I am proud of this young lady is an understatement so I won’t use that. Some people seek out stardom and fame and then you have others that stardom and fame are personally pick. As if it is just thrust upon them. Those people like the most recent winner of 106th & Park’s Wild Out Wednesday competition, singer/songwriter and all around golden spirit Tanza Thompson. Those people understand the concept of patience, focus, persistence, opportunity, humility and good old-fashioned SMART, not hard, work.


NEW YORK CITY, NY– -Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Rickards High School graduate Tanza Thompson appeared on Black Entertainment Televisions (BET) hit show 106 & Park “Wild Out Wednesday” in New York City on Wednesday evening where she won the weekly talent contest with 41 percent of the vote.

Tanza competed against two musical groups that hailed from the South, in the “Women from South” “Wild Out Wednesday” competition. From dancing to singing to step competitions, “Wild Out Wednesday” is the hottest talent show on TV! The winner of the talent show is selected by viewers from throughout the nation and internationally.

“The City of Tallahassee certainly showed me a great amount of love and support last night,” Tanza said. “I really want to thank my family, the 850, FAMU, Rickards High School and everyone who text or voted for me on  This is one of the happiest nights of my life and I will never forget the feeling I am feeling right now.”

Prior to Tanza’s performance former National Football League player and actor Terry Crews of the CW’s Everybody Hates Chris and his wife Rebecca talked about family and their reality show A Family Crew that airs on BET.

As a result of her win, Tanza will be performing with other previous “Wild Out Wednesday” winners in an eight city tour titled Blaze the Stage and perform on BET again in the summer of 2010 during the Best of “Wild Out Wednesday.”

A true musical artiste, who is lyrically gifted in both writing and singing, Tanza’s sound is reminiscent of Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige, with a healthy dose of melodic bass beats thrown in for good measure. Her edgy, beat-based songs have attracted an energetic audience since she began her entertainment career in 2004.

106 & Park is a 90-minute countdown music video show that features popular hip hop contemporary R&B, reggae and dancehall music videos.  Hosted by Terrence J. and Rocsi, the weekday show plays the top 10 most requested videos of the day, as requested by viewers who can vote by telephone or online.  The show is shot in New York and broadcast live in front of a studio audience, some of the industry’s biggest recording artist stop by daily.

For more information about Tanza’s please visit

Congratulations, Tanza. This is one of many stops along the journey of success and I elated to be along for the ride! My bisssh, I salute you!

For more information about Tanza, press inquires, interviews, please contact Tuesday Knight at

I still don’t believe you. You need more people…Literally.


*blank stare*

So, if you watched the same video that I just did then you should have saw that Chris Bridges has invested in the powers that be and orchestrated a “reunion” of sorts of reformed and burgeoning lady lyricist. Since this is all that the pot of lyrical females boils downs to then I SUPPOSE we are left with Nicki Minaj, Trina (still don’t see how she can stand next to Eve and still claim to be the baddest – NO SHADE), Diamond (I see you!) and E-V-E on the “My Chick Bad” remix?

Again *blank stare*

Seeing this video gave me the same feeling that I had when I saw En Vogue, SWV and TLC all come out with Alicia Keys a few years ago at someones validation event. I loved all of you when you were in your prime and still fux with all of you TO THIS DAY (these artists just so happen to make timeless music that can’t ever be faded) but, *raises hand*…

When are you all planning on dropping an album? Not a reality series and most definitely not another clothing line or surgical enhancement, but real, quality music? An LP? An EP? You know, that stuff that you used to make.

This video was the right step into determining whether or not this will the the catalyst needed to get Eve back in the studio (wait, has she found a label home yet?), a real single, promotional campaign for both Nicki and Trina and the shine that Diamond finally needs and deserves to separate her from the Scrappy + Crime Mob shadow.

I will dare not comment on the video or the level of intriguing content in the lyrics because you have ears and you can hear for yourselves. But I have always been wise t know that you only have one shot make an impression and one to lose one. When you have competition like this waiting in the balance, it would behoove of you to “step your cookies up”. .. 423, 818? Unfortunately, numbers don’t lie. I’m just sayin’…


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I spent a lump sum of my day today reading in between loads of laundry, conference calls amongst conceptualizing and manifesting several business proposals due this week. Don’t cry for me Junkies…it’s just the way of the land, lol.

I stumbled across some very diverse views and an even more diverse selection of reads. I’ve included a few links that I think you all can appreciate.

Alice Walker on War, Disappointment and Anger (BEAM)

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Kwame Kilpatrick’s Dad at Center of a Federal Probe (BEAM)

Couples Renew Vows for Black Marriage Day (BEAM)

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Just PRessed: A3C 2010 has set a date!

via (Atlanta):

While the music portion of South By Southwest is only a day away from kick-off, those behind Atlanta’s A3C Hip Hop Festival are already getting things in order for their annual music festival.

Today (March 16) they announced that this year’s A3C Hip Hop Festival will take place October 7-9.

“Being six months out from our event, SXSW presents the perfect opportunity for us to start building with labels and artists,” said A3C founder Brian Knott. “They are figuring out Q3 and Q4 release schedules and starting to think about Fall tour schedules and as we have grown, we’re counting on being a big part of helping everyone launch their new projects. If SXSW is music’s spring break, then we hope that A3C can be Hip Hop’s fall break.”

Last year’s festival, which also took place in October, featured a number of both local and nationally known performer’s including Rakim, Killer Mike, Kidz N The Hall, Pill, B.o.B, Spree Wilson, and more.

The A3C Hip Hop Festival, which has taken place annually since 2005, is considered the largest Hip Hop festival in the Southeast.


GLO – Guest List Only: The Core DJ’s Retreat 12 LIVE in Orlando, FL May 7th – 10th! Register NOW!

via PUSH Publicity Inc.:

The Core DJ’s host their 12th semi-annual DJ/music retreat in Orlando, FL

ATLANTA, GA – In the midst of vanishing music conferences and legit record-breakers, the semi-annual Core DJ’s Retreat has reigned supreme amongst its competitors.  uniting today’s hit-breaking DJ’s, ground breaking artists and music industry tastemakers for a weekend of networking and celebrations to honor those who work hard to submit the music to the masses.

The Core DJ’s Retreat 12 will be held at the World Marriott Center (8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821 – with registration beginning on Friday, May 7th at 10 a.m. Pre-registration is currently open for all registrants at $200.00 per person until May 6th. After this date, a $250.00 onsite registration fee will be applied. All Core DJ’s & Core Models must be registered and verified to redeem hotel accommodations.

Since 2004, The Core DJ’s have single-handedly dominated the music industry by enlisting membership of over 500 DJ’s, radio personalities, musicians, producers, models, executives and tastemakers.

Previous retreats have included several new artist performances by today’s leading labels such as Bad Boy Entertainment, TAG Records, Poe Boy Entertainment, Universal Records, Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Konvict Music, Interscope, J Records, Jive Records, So So Def, Rap-A-Lot Records, Capitol Records, DTP, Grand Hustle, CTE, and several others to witness some of the hottest talent and music in Hip-Hop and R&B.

When asked what could be expected from this upcoming retreat, founder and CEO Tony Neal stated, “I expect more independent labels to come and learn the business. We want the same family oriented-environment but where putting a lot of emphasis on indie labels and artists.”

For a tentative itinerary, room rates, and to receive a discounted entry rate, go to or

For more information regarding registration or sponsorship for The Core DJ’s and The Core DJ’s Retreat, please contact Donata Ellis by email at or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 2.

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About The Core DJ’s & The Core DJ’s Retreats

Now approaching it’s 6th year, The Core DJ’s, founded by national Mix Show DJ Tony Neal, is a premier DJ coalition that house over 500 of the countries most influential DJ’s, radio personalities, musicians, producers, models, executives and tastemakers. The semi-annual Core DJ Retreat(s) is one of the most highly anticipated music industry events of the year, specifically known for its incomparable new artist showcases and networking atmosphere.

About PUSH Publicity Inc.

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For press credentials please contact Janie Jennings by email at or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 3 or Tuesday Knight at or 850-602-6288.

Follow the leaders! See you in Orlando!