Congrats are in order: Salute a bad chick when you see one X Tanza wins 106th & Park’s W.O.W. Competition!

It does my heart good to see and associate with so many positive women of colour and statures around me on a such a consistent basis. It is very rare to associate kindness and chemistry with female friendship these days because people’s motives are so skewed.

To no avail, I remain eternal in my loyalty to my clique to always support them and uplift them in and out of their times of need. To say that I am proud of this young lady is an understatement so I won’t use that. Some people seek out stardom and fame and then you have others that stardom and fame are personally pick. As if it is just thrust upon them. Those people like the most recent winner of 106th & Park’s Wild Out Wednesday competition, singer/songwriter and all around golden spirit Tanza Thompson. Those people understand the concept of patience, focus, persistence, opportunity, humility and good old-fashioned SMART, not hard, work.


NEW YORK CITY, NY– -Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Rickards High School graduate Tanza Thompson appeared on Black Entertainment Televisions (BET) hit show 106 & Park “Wild Out Wednesday” in New York City on Wednesday evening where she won the weekly talent contest with 41 percent of the vote.

Tanza competed against two musical groups that hailed from the South, in the “Women from South” “Wild Out Wednesday” competition. From dancing to singing to step competitions, “Wild Out Wednesday” is the hottest talent show on TV! The winner of the talent show is selected by viewers from throughout the nation and internationally.

“The City of Tallahassee certainly showed me a great amount of love and support last night,” Tanza said. “I really want to thank my family, the 850, FAMU, Rickards High School and everyone who text or voted for me on  This is one of the happiest nights of my life and I will never forget the feeling I am feeling right now.”

Prior to Tanza’s performance former National Football League player and actor Terry Crews of the CW’s Everybody Hates Chris and his wife Rebecca talked about family and their reality show A Family Crew that airs on BET.

As a result of her win, Tanza will be performing with other previous “Wild Out Wednesday” winners in an eight city tour titled Blaze the Stage and perform on BET again in the summer of 2010 during the Best of “Wild Out Wednesday.”

A true musical artiste, who is lyrically gifted in both writing and singing, Tanza’s sound is reminiscent of Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige, with a healthy dose of melodic bass beats thrown in for good measure. Her edgy, beat-based songs have attracted an energetic audience since she began her entertainment career in 2004.

106 & Park is a 90-minute countdown music video show that features popular hip hop contemporary R&B, reggae and dancehall music videos.  Hosted by Terrence J. and Rocsi, the weekday show plays the top 10 most requested videos of the day, as requested by viewers who can vote by telephone or online.  The show is shot in New York and broadcast live in front of a studio audience, some of the industry’s biggest recording artist stop by daily.

For more information about Tanza’s please visit

Congratulations, Tanza. This is one of many stops along the journey of success and I elated to be along for the ride! My bisssh, I salute you!

For more information about Tanza, press inquires, interviews, please contact Tuesday Knight at

Baduizm: “Window Seat” X Return of the Ankh hits stores 3.30.10

The lack of knowledge and understanding for conducting business, minimal moral and ethical standards and the fear of change just so happen to be a small appetizer of issues that exist in the business of entertainment (specifically, the music industry).

The is an influx of creative individuals in various genres that are much more talented than the those the media choose exploit to us.

Janelle Monae. B.o.B. Yelawolk. Prynce. Rimidi. Mr. Al Pete. Really Doe. Sophia Fresh. Teedra Moses. Jazmin. Tanza. Dondria. Juice. Katrina Bello. Ebony Love. The Village. Rebel Raw. E. Mackey. I could go on for days. These people to me represent an bouquet of artistic expression that provides more than it hinders. That support more than they destroy. That create more than they isolate.

If you know me then you acknowledge, understand and accept my adoration for E. Badu. More than just a musician, she is a creator of music that can inspire, motive and evoke thought and change. More than just a mother to Seven, Puma and Mars, she nurtures us all in installments (hence the predetermined scheduled releases of the New Amerykah Series) as only true artists do. More than just an artist, she has transcended into a realm or creativity that no longer includes her vocals but her whole body as a means of expression.

There will be very few that will fully comprehend the depth and message so carefully embedded in this reel. More importantly, I don’t believe most can fully appreciate the amount of pulchritude embossed all over her body.

Show me a woman in her late thirties with 3 kids, a demanding career with a body better than what any of these so called “celebrities” could have paid for, and I’ll show you this video. Peep.


See what I mean? Ms. Minaj, I dig you, you know I do..but you need to peep game. All things beautiful can be created naturally. I’m just sayin’.


[One of the tracks off New Amerykah] “Out My Mind Just In Time” is also the title of the cover art for NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO, which is a collaboration between Erykah Badu and famed artist and poster designer EMEK, who also designed the inspired packaging for New Amerykah Part One. The new album cover depicts an underwater image of Badu wearing a suit of armor that symbolizes the tough exterior she developed to protect herself from the harsh realities of life. The armor is her old shell and now she’s liberating herself from it by climbing out of her own head so that she can be reborn. Her tuning fork is summoning the vibrations of the universe and the purple-colored tree of life and purple sky represent the 7th Chakra—the Crown Chakra right above her third eye shield, which represents peace, wisdom, and spirituality. The numerical theme of three is symbolized by three moons, three hidden babies, three trees, and three ankhs. Closer inspection reveals that Badu’s shoulders are surrounded by many of the same objects that filled her abstract afro on the cover of New Amerykah Part One, including handcuffs, a foreclosed home, fast food, cigarettes, broken chains, and a military tank. Here, those items represent refuse and rubble from which new life grows into a vibrant garden of colorful flowers blossoming all around her.

In keeping with the concept of the cover art, NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO taps into Badu’s emotional side by thematically focusing on romance and relationships. “With Part One, I was standing at an apex, looking at what was going on around me politically, socially, and economically,” Badu explains. “With PART TWO, I’m hovering over me, looking at what’s going on inside of me.

I pray that people catch the *MESSAGE*! Shame on Bossip for dispensing that backwards ass commentary about both the video and her “look”. I’m convinced now…you guys just don’t get it.


Linked Up: Getting to THE ROOT of it all…

I spent a lump sum of my day today reading in between loads of laundry, conference calls amongst conceptualizing and manifesting several business proposals due this week. Don’t cry for me Junkies…it’s just the way of the land, lol.

I stumbled across some very diverse views and an even more diverse selection of reads. I’ve included a few links that I think you all can appreciate.

Alice Walker on War, Disappointment and Anger (BEAM)

Black Folks We’d Like to Remove Form Black History (BEAM)

Yes He Did (BEAM)

Def Financial Jam? (BEAM)

Kwame Kilpatrick’s Dad at Center of a Federal Probe (BEAM)

Couples Renew Vows for Black Marriage Day (BEAM)

Mikki Taylor: The Exit Interview (BEAM)


Just PRessed: A3C 2010 has set a date!

via (Atlanta):

While the music portion of South By Southwest is only a day away from kick-off, those behind Atlanta’s A3C Hip Hop Festival are already getting things in order for their annual music festival.

Today (March 16) they announced that this year’s A3C Hip Hop Festival will take place October 7-9.

“Being six months out from our event, SXSW presents the perfect opportunity for us to start building with labels and artists,” said A3C founder Brian Knott. “They are figuring out Q3 and Q4 release schedules and starting to think about Fall tour schedules and as we have grown, we’re counting on being a big part of helping everyone launch their new projects. If SXSW is music’s spring break, then we hope that A3C can be Hip Hop’s fall break.”

Last year’s festival, which also took place in October, featured a number of both local and nationally known performer’s including Rakim, Killer Mike, Kidz N The Hall, Pill, B.o.B, Spree Wilson, and more.

The A3C Hip Hop Festival, which has taken place annually since 2005, is considered the largest Hip Hop festival in the Southeast.


GLO – Guest List Only: The Core DJ’s Retreat 12 LIVE in Orlando, FL May 7th – 10th! Register NOW!

via PUSH Publicity Inc.:

The Core DJ’s host their 12th semi-annual DJ/music retreat in Orlando, FL

ATLANTA, GA – In the midst of vanishing music conferences and legit record-breakers, the semi-annual Core DJ’s Retreat has reigned supreme amongst its competitors.  uniting today’s hit-breaking DJ’s, ground breaking artists and music industry tastemakers for a weekend of networking and celebrations to honor those who work hard to submit the music to the masses.

The Core DJ’s Retreat 12 will be held at the World Marriott Center (8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821 – with registration beginning on Friday, May 7th at 10 a.m. Pre-registration is currently open for all registrants at $200.00 per person until May 6th. After this date, a $250.00 onsite registration fee will be applied. All Core DJ’s & Core Models must be registered and verified to redeem hotel accommodations.

Since 2004, The Core DJ’s have single-handedly dominated the music industry by enlisting membership of over 500 DJ’s, radio personalities, musicians, producers, models, executives and tastemakers.

Previous retreats have included several new artist performances by today’s leading labels such as Bad Boy Entertainment, TAG Records, Poe Boy Entertainment, Universal Records, Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Konvict Music, Interscope, J Records, Jive Records, So So Def, Rap-A-Lot Records, Capitol Records, DTP, Grand Hustle, CTE, and several others to witness some of the hottest talent and music in Hip-Hop and R&B.

When asked what could be expected from this upcoming retreat, founder and CEO Tony Neal stated, “I expect more independent labels to come and learn the business. We want the same family oriented-environment but where putting a lot of emphasis on indie labels and artists.”

For a tentative itinerary, room rates, and to receive a discounted entry rate, go to or

For more information regarding registration or sponsorship for The Core DJ’s and The Core DJ’s Retreat, please contact Donata Ellis by email at or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 2.

For press credentials please contact Janie Jennings by email at or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 3 or Tuesday Knight at or 850-602-6288.

About The Core DJ’s & The Core DJ’s Retreats

Now approaching it’s 6th year, The Core DJ’s, founded by national Mix Show DJ Tony Neal, is a premier DJ coalition that house over 500 of the countries most influential DJ’s, radio personalities, musicians, producers, models, executives and tastemakers. The semi-annual Core DJ Retreat(s) is one of the most highly anticipated music industry events of the year, specifically known for its incomparable new artist showcases and networking atmosphere.

About PUSH Publicity Inc.

PUSH Publicity, Inc is a rising boutique publicity firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia that provides the most efficient services in publicity campaigns, public and media relations, strategic planning and marketing, promotions, image and artist development, lifestyle & social media marketing and special events production in the entertainment and non-for-profit industries.

For press credentials please contact Janie Jennings by email at or by phone at 877-333-9940 ext. 3 or Tuesday Knight at or 850-602-6288.

Follow the leaders! See you in Orlando!

For Immediate Release: Yo Gotti and Friends host the first stop of the “Live From the Kitchen Tour” in Atlanta

via PUSH Publicity Inc.:

ATLANTA, GACash Money/Polo Grounds Music/J Records recording artist Yo Gotti and recently added So Icey Entertainment protégé Waka Flocka will host the Live From the Kitchen Tour in 15 exclusive tour dates across the country. Live From The Kitchen will feature its first show on Friday, March 19th at Club Obsessions (4525 Glenwood Rd., Decatur, GA) with Yo Gotti, Atlanta’s Big Bank Black, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, DOSE and is hosted by the legendary Cool Runnings’ DJ Bigga Rankin.

Yo Gotti’s latest studio album, also titled Live From the Kitchen will hit stores worldwide this Spring. Gotti and his management team, M & M Entertainment and Mouth of the South Management, announced last week their decision to add rising mixtape rapper Waka Flocka Flame to the tour.

“Waka is filling venues as large as 1700 nightly and Gotti has been doing his thing on the numbers tip for some time now…so these two teaming up together creates a win-win situation everyone can appreciate.”

For the latest updates for the  Live From The Kitchen Tour, artist interviews, and media credentials for the March 19th Club Obsessions show, visit , or  email Miss Ricki at

About Yo Gotti

In 2009, Yo Gotti, both a former TVT and Cash Money Records’ artist, has now found a home in Polo Grounds Music/J Records/Sony Records. He released CM2 with DJ Drama digitally through The Orchard, which reached the Top 200 and had a hit single last fall with Young Money’s Nicki Minaj. This spring Yo Gotti will release his first full-length album since 2006, also titled Live From the Kitchen.

About PUSH Publicity Inc.

PUSH Publicity Inc. is a rising boutique publicity firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia that provides the most efficient services in publicity campaigns, public and media relations, strategic planning and marketing, promotions, image and artist development, lifestyle & social media marketing and special events production in the entertainment and non-for-profit industries.

For interviews and press credentials, please send an email with your credentials to

Get the Memo: Are we really gaga for Gaga, or just crazy for the past?


There are a lot of subjects and notions that I look forward to debating once presented to me.

And then there are some that I just leave alone and take a backseat role to further observe its progression (or regression in some cases). And then there’s Lady Gaga.

No shade from me. I think what she has done in the amount of time that she has done it (especially in the condition that the music industry is currently in) is phenomenal, but not original. Kinda like an upgrade. The 2.0 version.

While traveling the homepage I found this article by eastofwabansia and honestly, I couldn’t have written it any better myself. Peep:


Gaga is the American Apparel Madonna. The stuff has been around for a while, she just made it cool again.

14 million views and counting, Laday Gaga’s video for “Telephone” has already achieved a supernatural level of celebrity and is a qualified internet fame. The video, which draws upon a Quentin Tarantino (and therefore 70s exploitation film) aesthetic by way of font, iconography (please note Pussy Wagon/Type Face), and tone, plays out like a Vogue shoot reimagining Thelma and Louise. The video clocks in at over 9 minutes, and I must say the radiant costuming, sexually incendiary scenes, gritty violence, and use of metaphor makes the time fly by. But while watching, one of the many thoughts to cross my mind was: does everyone know we have seen this before?

The argument that Lady Gaga is the new “Madonna” is trite, and anyone with a tiny amount of cultural memory can unpack the connections.  Gaga and Madonna are both blonde provocateurs who manipulate gender roles, play with queer imagery and S&M, and create lively and visually stunning videos/personas all while cultivating massive normative appeal and acceptance because of the pop-yummy musical backdrop.

But what I am left wondering is why we are so gaga for Gaga when we have seen this whole song and dance before? While screening the video, my roommate wondered, “isn’t Madonna timeless? How can you garner so much attention when you are so clearly modeling yourself after such a superstar?”

I wonder the same.  How has Gaga achieved so much praise, when she is clearly just performing some Madonna Karaoke on Halloween?

(Madonna Pictured…look familiar?)

I do think Gaga deserves a hefty amount of praise. She has some fantastic songs, and I have to applaud any artist who challenges the conventional “girl goes chasing after guy” narrative with a “girl goes chasing after guy” storyline. Gaga is fantastic because she, like Madonna, confronts the simple, one dimensional, status-quo portrait of the attractive female on an ideological and aesthetica level.

However, unlike Madonna, Gaga’s performance is not all that original or innovative. Perhaps it is impossible for us to sustain a level of excitement for an artists across decades. Perhaps we always need the “new,” even if that new isn’t all that new.

When I really start to think about the Gaga phenomenon in the context of today, it all makes a bit more sense. We at present are obsessed with reimagining the past and passing it off as a unique and new.  Acid wash denim anyone? It would seem Gaga is the musical iteration of such a case.  We long for the past, but cannot seem to feel comfortable, or maybe lack the historical knowledge, enough to celebrate the originators so we recreate the past with a slightly different fabric.



PUSH Spotlight: iSUPPORT my mu’f*ckin’ homegirls! Congrats to my @TerriShrmn for her Women of Hip-Hop Honor!

There are times when I look around and conduct inventory on my “stock” (my grandmother’s country-rural terminology for relationship and friends) and I can say that more often than most my stock remains consistent.

As I mention time and time again, women in this industry do too much belittling and not enough supporting of each other and each others movements.

I couldn’t be more proud to see my comrade and friend, Ms. Terri Sherman of SEE (Sherman Entertainment Enterprises), The Sessions & The Sessions Remixed and LEX Promotions & Marketing receive such a blessing and honor for her role in music and hip-hop.

Just to give you the spill on T. Sherm…


SOHIPOTOME Women In Hip Hop is pleased to announce the first Honoree for 2010. Terri Sherman started working in the music industry in 2004 for the Northeast Florida Record Pool as the Director of Public Relations. Currently Ms. Sherman is the CEO of Sherman Entertainment Enterprises. A subsidiary of her company is The Sessions, a premier event for music producers. The Sessions has garnered participation from Jon Wilkes (drummer from the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus); Maestro (Grammy Award-winning producer); Keith Kennedy (VP of TJ’s DJ’s Record Pool) and many others. In addition to running her own company Ms. Sherman works for Lex Marketing and Promotions. Lex Marketing and Promotions is the top marketing and promotions company in Florida.

Speaking of her many roles, Ms. Sherman says, “I have enjoyed every position I have played in this business. Each stop along this path has prepared me for the next so I feel that everything I have done has been necessary to position me where I am now. I love what I do—that day that I no longer love it will be the day that I walk away.” Equipped with invaluable experience and relationships, Ms. Sherman looks to continue making strides in the music and entertainment industries.

To learn more about The Sessions Producer’s events click here.

For more information on 2010 SOHIPOTOME events email

The last Tupac Shakur couldn’t have said it any better: “Wars come and go, but my soldier stay eternal.”

Also, below is the press release + flyer on her upcoming event, The Sessions Remixed, that will take place next Tuesday @ Club VIA in Atlanta, GA.

We’re excited to announce a new event to hit the Atlanta area, slated for March 16, 2010, called The Sessions Remixed, presented by Sherman Entertainment Enterprises, to be held at VIA (262 Pharr Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305). This event will combine the efforts of several companies and organizations to enable those already involved in, or those looking to be a part of, the music industry by slightly altering an already existing event—The Sessions.

The event will have three primary segments with each segment lasting 45 minutes. There will be a networking mixer, the music producer’s session/panel presented by ASCAP, and the music business seminar given by JaWar. These combined segments will equip attendees with quality information through an interactive platform, thereby increasing their interest in and retention of the information given.

Panelists for the ASCAP music producer’s session include Focus (The Game,  Busta Rhymes); Maestro (Lil Wayne, David Banner); Nitti (Yung Joc, 8 Ball & MJG); Terrence Battle (Jennifer Hudson, Toni Braxton); and Simon Horrocks (Affix Music-Urban Music Licensing for Film/TV).

The music industry event scene is saturated in the Atlanta market; however The Sessions Remixed will provide a meaningful environment conducive to the successful exchange of information and resources. Through this exchange, attendees will effectively be able to promote their materials, services and products.

Those that purchase the “Producer’s Session” tickets will be given an autographed copy of one of the Music Industry Connection books by JaWar. They will also be granted one, one-minute track play as participation in the session. Additional track plays will be available for an additional $10/track. Any additional tracks should be one-minute as well. All tracks should be on an audio CD in mp3 format.

The $5 general admission will also be available at the door the night of the event. The Music Industry Connection book series will also be available for purchase during the event.

For further questions or information, please email

Congrats Terri my Terri!

And don’t forget to tell her who sent you!

Follow me on Twitter!

PRess[ure] Points: What is Publicity?

PR points and tips to help aspiring businesses, brands & entertainers

So, what is publicity?

Publicity comes in various forms and is so closely integrated with marketing, advertising, promotions and even public relations that it’s sometimes mistaken for the aforementioned.

Nonetheless, publicity is the deliberate attempt to manage the public’s perception of a subject, person, company or brand through various mediums. The subjects of publicity include people, goods and services, organizations of all kinds, and works of art or entertainment.

Looking for a PUSH with your image or visibility? Think PUSH Publicity! Free consultations are available for all new clientele…send an email to

And don’t forget to tell them who sent you!

Just PRessed: PUSH Publicity featured in March Issue of Get ‘Em Magazine

Do you know what a publicist is? If not you’re not alone. In fact, many people don’t know what a publicist is and some claim they need one and may not be ready for one yet. Some people get PR and a publicist mixed up. Well, we got a chance to talk to one of the most well connected and respected publicist in the music industry, Tuesday Knight. You may have recognized Tuesday from working with companies like TJ’s DJ’s, The Core DJ’s, Demp Week and several other notable industry tastemakers and brands.  Well, Tuesday has branched off on her own with PUSH Publicity Inc. and now doting a degree in Public Relations, her success has been elevating ever since. I had a chance to talk to Tuesday to see what PUSH Publicity has in store in 2010.

Get’em: What projects are you working on now?

PUSH Publicity Inc.: Right now I am working on a project with Troi Media Group called and what it is a social networking site/portal for artist to communicate with other independent tastemakers.  I am also excited about a new venture with DJ Michael “5000” Watts and the Swisha House brand this Spring as well. There are lots more, but until the checks clear I can’t give them any free press, lol.

Get’em: A lot of artists don’t know what a publicist does. As a publicist, what do you do?

PUSH Publicity inc.:  First of all, not only artist, but people who have been in the industry for years don’t know what a publicist is. The information is free for everybody. A publicist is someone who has internal relationships with media outlets to gain clients positive press and positive exposure as a public figure. They also have the ability to manipulate your image to the press. They play clean up to your media mishaps and communicate with both the public and other businesses on the clients behalf. In a nutshell, your publicist is like the co-pilot to your success. Once you have income generated and you have created yourself a buzz, you have something to work with. Don’t claim you need a publicist or you are in need of one if you don’t know what it Is or what it is they is suppose to do. Don’t get it confused with promotions or public relations. Publicity and public relations are two different services as well. While they can work hand in hand together, they are not the same. I encourage folk to read. All this information is free. You need a publicist, a manager/agent, and a good attorney to understand how putting all these people on your team can benefit you.

Get’em: Is there any specific qualifications a person must have to work with you?

PUSH Publicity Inc: All publicist look for different things in clients and vice versa. First and foremost, I would ask all clients to present me with a budget. A lot of people think that publicity is something that is free, so they underestimate or just don’t estimate a  publicity budget. Plain and simple, we are for hire, not help. And the work too. There is a lot of work that goes behind the title. Sitting on the phones day in and day out, pitching to different news outlets, different editors, magazines, etc. And that’s just scratching the service. I would just suggest that people learn the value of having a great publicist on your team. It could mean national/international impressions that you just can’t obtain with FaceBook and Twitter alone.