PUSH Spotlight: Introducing…Eka Samone!

Eka Samone Photo by: Frank HotSauce

Show me a female that is on her grind and I will show you one that has her beat.

But show me a 24-year-old Certified Personal Fitness Trainer/aspiring model who holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Business and already holds features/cover in BOTH BlackMen & Straight Stuntin Magazines, all while training to obtain another certification as a Dietitician and I’ll show you a her match. Fellas are always asking me if there are any real, independent females in the world. Well gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you proof that there are still some of us around…I give you Eka Samone.

When GOD created the heavens and the earth, he also laid the blueprint of the exotic & sensual Latin vixen Eka Samone!

Born in Germany and possessing an African American & Dominican Heritage, this Latin bombshell stands at a statuesque 5′ 8″ with the curvaceous measurements of 38-24-42. Eka’s heavenly figure can be seen gracing the covers of Black Mens & Straight Stuntin’ magazines, as well as being featured on various sites such as Thisis50.com and BET’s B-Girl of the Month.

More than just a model, Eka Samone is a Certified Personal Trainer & Life Coach to those that want to mentally and physically change and advance their health & well-being. As if you weren’t already captivated with her beauty, she also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from AIU.

When Eka is not posing for the camera, she can be found instructing and advising her growing clientele for her personal training venture and hosting events in various cities entertaining her current fans and admirers.

In addition to working towards a career in acting, Eka Samone is also obtainable for interviews, television, online and event hosting, runway, video, and print assignments.

Eka Samone has worked with seasoned photographers such as Tori Treadwell, Howard Huang, Frank Hotsauce, K. Wud, & Dexter Cohen just to name a few. It is safe to say that she is no stranger to the flashing lights. Whether training or entertaining, she is always prepared to be caught by the professional and unprofessional eye. Paparazzi & fans can be sure they always get a picture perfect Eka Samone!

All press, media, appearances, bookings, & inquires for Eka Samone can be directed to Tuesday Knight at tuesdayknightpr@gmail.com.

Haven’t had enough of Eka? Please visit Eka Samone on the following sites:




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Sometimes you just have to…

Back of the Fro

…turn your back to the phone calls, the emails, the blackberry AND the iPhone, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

…ignore the calls from the client(s), the boo, the sidepiece, the landlord, your homegirl, your boss or your parents.

Me, of all people, will tell you to chase that paper something quick, but life is so short and too sweet to just let it run by. Take care of yourselves folks. My minorities a.k.a coloured folk, please get regular check ups and dentist appointments. Chant, meditate, puff herb, bone, blog. Make sure you are pleasing your star player…cause without you, the show doesn’t go on!

I apologize to those who missed me…

Sometimes you just have to…

Take it light,

Tuesday Knight

The KnightCap: Core DJ Retreat X (Atlanta, GA)

Core DJ Retreat X Media Check-In

I know that this re-cap is WAY OVER DUE but I have to give you all the skinny on the Core DJ’s Retreat X that took place April 24-27 in Atlanta.

First all, big ups to those that worked behind the scenes for the event that weekend. People rarely give shine to those that actually keep shit in tact and organize all the controlled chaos that you see when in attendance. PLUS, the staff was ALL FEMALE and we got along without so much as a cat fight the entire weekend. So to all of the people working registration, handling bags, passing out itineraries and CD’s, organizing media and press junkets and interviews and most importantly the DJ’s that supported the event, THANK YOU!

First up, the hotel was nuts! I really don’t think that anyone on the staff did their research when agreeing to host this conference. I mean, no offense to my Core DJ’s but y’all know how we get down when we go out of town…we travel DEEP and NEVER SLEEP!

I can ramble on and on but I know you just want to get to the meat and potatoes.

I finally got a chance to meet Ms. Nicki Minaj herself and I can say that I was very relieved that she wasn’t a “typical artist” when it came down to meeting her fans. Dressed in black tights, a tee that read “I’m fun size” and some bad ass  pink Report Signature Ankle Cuff Sandals. Although they only gave her approx. 5 minutes to perform, she still held it down for the ladies and had an awesome attitude to all her fans (Ms. Keri Baby, take note).

Check below for video footage. Disregard the overzealous chick yelling the the background. Her fans were hype!





To conclude the weekend, everyone was looking forward to the Guy/Blackstreet reunion at the Jam Master Jay Award Show on Sunday. Niccas just knew Aaron Hall was going to show up and show out but the latter happened.

There were live performances and appearances from Syleena Johnson, Pastor Troy (P.T. we need you!), a brief snippet by Bonecrusher and Khujo Goodie, and then the finale.




I had a TON of other videos that I catptured on my BlackBerry but the video quality is WHACK so I won’t put you through that. Overall, good event. Good trip. Good people (hellos to my new ATL family: Lola, Tai, Olamide, Gyant,  D-Rocc, Tanza, Steven, the entire BlazinStreetz.com and Street Report Magazine staff and all the DJ’s and artist that showed Tuesday Knight love). Thank you’s go to the Core DJ’s for having a nicca apart of the team!

For more photos, video footage and interviews from the Core DJ’s Retreat X, please visit www.coredjs.com and tell them I sent you!



Birth Control Moment

Colorful Contraceptives

Everyone is telling me that my view on children will change once I get older, but at this moment I am sticking to my guns. After watching this video courtesy of WSHH, I’m sure I’ll be close to 50 before I spawn a seed. SMH.

Click HERE for the video.

Breathtakingly Fine Possibilities: 7 Pieces of Advice for tha Sistas

BFP 1From the desk of  Tha Possibilities:

LADIES…can i offer you some advice? If you think it’s all BS, that’s cool…but i hope you can find some value in it.
#1: Sure, having more male friends than female friends might be less drama, but it’s also probably the reason you’re still single. ;). Trust me when I say that a woman with too many males is very not sexy!!! TRUST ME!!! I’m a MAN, so i know how we feel about a woman with a lot of male friends. we’ll fuck her, but we’ll never totally give her our heart because we always feel in the back of our minds that she’s fucked all of her male friends!! …and i used the word ‘fuck/fucked’ purposely! 😉

#2: Hairy legs are NOT sexy, nor is too much pubic hair. Hairy legs and pubic hair were badges of honor as an adolescent, to prove you reached puberty, but once you get 18 or 19 shave or wax that sh*t off please…LOL at least neaten it up a lil bit 😉 it’s not sexy, sis!!!

#3: If you smoke cigarettes or weed (and hopefully not crack) and your man doesn’t have an issue with it, then he doesn’t really give a f*ck about you. Any man who will sit idly by and watch the woman in his life destroy hers with nicotine and marijuana ain’t worth a good goddamn. F*ck him and find somebody who will make you leave that sh*t alone!

#4: A man who loves you, i mean really loves you, always listens! You may not think he hears but things that he deems important he makes a mental note of and will NEVER forget. If he forgets, it’s not important to him. If you tell him you giving him some coochie at 930am, on the second Tuesday of the month, does he forget? LOL. HELL NO!!! He always remembers things (and people) he deems important, remember that!

#5: Men tend to fall in love first, and we tend to fall hardest. Contrary to everything you’ve been led to believe, Black Men are the most sensitive, vulnerable, and emotionally insecure people on tha planet. Sure, there are those that are all about game, but that’s a incomplete man. A brotha, i mean a real black man, doesn’t take long to decide if a woman is worthy of his heart.

#6: You have to believe that you are even more FINE than your most loyal fan does. Whenever you allow someone else to recognize something in you, or about you, more than you do, you have relinquished the power you have over that thing. You no longer control the value of who you are. To be a star, the shine must begin in YOU!

#7:ADORE your people! Love all of humanity, but make your own people a priority. It’s an oxymoron to say you love all people, but hold disdain for your own people. Those people who look like you….think like you…who share a common history and culture with you. As a black person, your image of yourself is intimately connected to your image of black people. You CANNOT truly love yourself, if you don’t TRULY love black people. This is fundamentally important in relationships. To love a black man, you have to love his reflection, which is you!

As always, please stop my T’s myspace or facebook page and show him some love. It’s very rare to have a real black man feeding us wisdom on how to be all around better women.


And I still don’t believe you: Cassie

Cassie NYC (Promenade)

At first glance, we see the beautiful but confusingly relevant Cassie calling out bingo numbers for the elderly exec’s at Bad Boy….let me stop!  Cassie performed at the Promenade  last night in NYC and her new press ploy hair “do made a striking debut. I want to think that she has been talking to Christina Milian lately but I’m not even going to revisit that topic.

Although this may be a weak attempt to gain more press and notoriety, I actually do like this look on Cassie. It’s, shall I say, daring? But it’s just kinda weird because nothing is wrong with Cassie. She was just fine the way she was compared to the new ‘do. Girl, all you had to do was drop a single! We’re waiting on YOU!  I mean, I would have liked to see her shorten her locks to frame her face more but…whatever works.

How do we feel junkies? PASS THE CLASS of EPIC FAIL?

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