Reels: @Common in “Blue Sky”

With his new book “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” on shelves nationwide and the circulation of “Blue Sky” tickling the interest to hip-hop connoisseurs and pursuers alike, the official reel to “Blue Sky” should serve as the icing to his promotional pastry.


Keep up with Common via and be on the look out for release dates of The Dreamer / The Believer – coming soon!



iSUPPORT: “The Cola Cypher” featuring D. Gates + J. Skee + Bigbone + Maine Thickah + Adam Taylor + Boneface

Ci-pher or Cy-pher [sahy-fer]

A method of secret writing using substitution or transposition of letters according to a key

In other words, a cypher is a method of using a substitution of words and the transposition of varying flows according to a given beat/track. Stemming from the origins of hip-hop music and culture, cyphers mostly allow freestyle rappers and emcees the opportunity to test their skills with the best of the best in surrounding neighborhoods and boroughs.

The South has always been the home to RAW talent but Florida has always been the leading producer in shit talkers and hit makers. BET has sparked an infectious trend of ever-flowing cyphers all over the globe and now the microscope has landed on a group of talented, severely underrated emcees in the 8-50. In this Free Agent Musik & InMotion Media production, you are granted just a small glimpse into The ‘Cola Cypher featuring artists’ D. Gates, J. Skee, Bigbone, Maine Thickah, Adam Taylor and Boneface.

D. Gates | J. Skee | Bigbone | Maine Thickah | Adam Taylor | Boneface

Production by Evil G | Shot by InMotion Media

Reach out to everyone socially and provide some feedback on the cypher. Vote for who you think BODIED the beat the best and don’t forget to tell them who sent you! Pensacola VS. Mobile cypher next on deck!


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For the Record: Former Video Vixen @thee_LoLaMonroe joins the @RealTaylorGang imprint

Former video vixen Angel Lola Luv has stuck to her guns. She has done few-to-no video appearances over the past couple years and we’ve seen even less and less of her in between the covers of King, Show and Smooth.

In her pursuit of forfeiting her “model behavior” and moniker, Lola Monroe can official consider herself a Taylor. HipHopWeekly’s Don Bleek reports the linking and inking of her new deal after with rap phenom Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint.

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Reels: Angela Davis weighs in on #occupywallstreet + more via @MsDramaTV

Renowned author, activist and educator Angela Davis spoke out about the #occupyWallStreet movement while planting seeds of wisdom for President Obama.

via MsDramaTV

Ms. Drama talks to legendary activist Angela Davis on the red carpet about Occupy Wallstreet and its impact. In the interview, Davis acknowledges the importance of the people coming together to call out the inequalities of the nation and that “corporate companies are destroying our economy”. In the interview, Davis explains why it’s important for the “people” to support Obama and why this war in Afghanistan needs to end.

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