Reels: @Rashad Morgan ft. @JazzePha in “Keep It 100”

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Former Grand Hustle protege’ Rashad Morgan has teamed up with Jazze Pha to deliver a lighter alternative to the “ass like damn” perspectives women receive in today’s music.  By all means, there is no shade to those who got it but sometimes it’s cool to just be you and “keep it 100.”

[youtube=] To say that I just “enjoy” the artistry that is Grand Hustle/Rebel Rock/Atlantic Records’ B.o.B. a/k/a Bobby Bay would be an understatement. B.o.B. is the “red bull” I need in traffic on the 400 as I drive to work and Bobby Ray swoops right on in during 5 o’clock to be the “mary jane”
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True Story: So, my friend and I were sitting around one day catching up on the week and I noticed that her eye contact was very wavy. After a few seconds she blurts out, “My fault girl, but damn this dude is fine!” So I whip my head around and long behold…it’s Bobby Ray! And
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