iSUPPORT Independent Artists: I give you, Mr. Al Pete!

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“I am a dope emcee that is out to tell a story, and hopefully elevate others to a higher level based on my experiences. I’m not a thug… I am not a goon… I am an true to heart Hip-Hop artist”. – Mr. Al. Pete On a hot and sunny Sunday in Jacksonville, FL a
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With everyone and their publicist taking off their clothes and posting nude pictures all over the net, it’s truly good to see black folk show their love for each other the old fashion way. Congrats to Talib Kweli and DJ EQUE for their union celebration over the weekend in California! Black love is still alive!
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You better act like you know! Rock the Bells 2009! This is one of the few hip-hop productions that is still alive and kicking it. I will keep everyone updated on dates and updated performers as time marches on! Get your fix Junkies! Few events can claim to both capture and define a movement, yet
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