iSUPPORT: “The Cola Cypher” featuring D. Gates + J. Skee + Bigbone + Maine Thickah + Adam Taylor + Boneface

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Ci-pher or Cy-pher [sahy-fer] A method of secret writing using substitution or transposition of letters according to a key In other words, a cypher is a method of using a substitution of words and the transposition of varying flows according to a given beat/track. Stemming from the origins of hip-hop music and culture, cyphers mostly
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Hailing from the “trigger finger” portion of the Sunshine State (Pensacola, Florida for you slow mofo’s), rap artist and tattoo extraordinaire Boneface has this music thing down packed. Stay close to your city and those who supported your first. Check. Continue to produce and distribute nothing less than quality product for the consumers. Check. Make
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