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As talented and ass-tastic as I like to believe that I am, the foundation and birth place of my inner creativity was all hatched under the roofs of this man’s headquarters. I got my start at the renowned TJ’s DJ’s Inc., which is home to the TJ’s DJ’s Quarterly DJ/Music Conference and the Annual Ozone
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PR points and tips to help aspiring businesses, brands & entertainers. Have you ever found yourself in this position? My friend is a publicist. She/He helps me out with exposure and events. Why should I pay a professional/legitimate publicist instead of using her/him? Let me be frank. If you have recruited a friend or family
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Yours truly will be speaking at the “Artist Boot Camp 2” Education Session for Music Artist on Sunday, July 26 from 2 pm – 4pm. The panel will feature Jim Laquidara¬† (music supervisor, Audio Motion Music), Chanel “Da Voice” Tillman (Jacksonville On-Air Radio Personality), Dana Lewis (CEO, Terri Sherman (Executive Assistant, LPMG) and myself
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